On this week: Mega MMORPGs, intruiging idle games and Grift: Scam Tycoon

On this week: Mega MMORPGs, intruiging idle games and Grift: Scam Tycoon
  • This week on we're recommending some stellar MMORPGs
  • We're also celebrating the magic of idle games
  • Grift: Scam Tycoon is our Game of the Week

Regular readers of Pocket Gamer will be aware that we released a brand new website called It's a site we've made in collaboration with domain specialists Radix, intending to help you find your next favourite game quickly.

So, if you're looking for distilled recommendations, head over to the site, be greeted with dozens of great games and download any that take your fancy. Alternatively, if you're happy with a little more reading, we'll regularly post articles like this one to update you on what we've posted on the site in the last week or so.

The best MMORPGs for endless content

For some people, they want a game that they can potentially play forever. While nothing is guaranteed – things can shut down at the drop of a hat these days – your best bet for perpetual content is an MMORPG. The only issue is there are so many of them, that choice paralysis is likely a factor. So, we've recommended a variety of MMORPGs to help make your decision a little easier.

Idle gaming for that daily hit of gaming goodness

On the opposite side of the time-required equation, we have idle games. As we get older, we tend to have less time as responsibilities take over, meaning it becomes tricky to fit in a good gaming session. For me, the days of staying up unreasonably late playing a new release are long gone. So, I tend to enjoy my games in bitesize sessions, which idle games are perfect for. They allow you to progress even when you're not playing, so it always feels like you're working towards something. Check out our idle gaming picks on Pocket

Game of the Week

Grift: Scam Tycoon

Made by ex-Pokemon Go developers, Grift: Scam Tycoon has a premise so intriguing you can't help but be interested. It follows a goat, appropriately named Henry Horns, who takes to online scamming after falling victim to only trickery himself. Now hellbent on revenge, you will need to trick other unaware folk in a bid to find the person who scammed you in the first place.

Check out

If you haven't visited our new site, please do! And while you're there, bookmark it, pin it, or however you prefer to track your favourite websites. We update it weekly, so check back often for more recommendations of must-play games.

Stephen Gregson-Wood
Stephen Gregson-Wood
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