Pokemon Go's December 2022 Community Day brings back all featured Pokemon from the last two years

Pokemon Go's December 2022 Community Day brings back all featured Pokemon from the last two years
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It’s been quite an eventful year on Pokémon Go. Trainers have gone through multiple seasons, and have celebrated a tonne of events like the Pokémon Go Fest, the sixth-anniversary festivities, alongside numerous debuting Pokémon and features like Mega Evolutions and Daily Adventure Incense.

We’ve also regularly had Community Day events throughout the year and Niantic is set to close 2022 out with a bang. With only a few hours each month for the Community Day, it’s quite possible that players may have missed out on all the goodies. So, just like last year, the December 2022 Community Day will feature all the Pokémon from 2021 and 2022’s Community Day events.

The final Community Day of 2022 will take place on December 17th and 18th, between 2:00 and 5:00 pm local time on each day. All the event Pokémon from this year will appear more frequently in the wild and they will be rewarded as encounters for Timed Researches too. For those that featured in 2021, they will be available through Eggs, Raids, and Researches. It’s the perfect time to catch any Pokémon you missed or gather Candy for their evolution.

Here's a look at which Pokémon will be available on what day:

  • December 17th – Sandshrew, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Geodude, Hoppip, Spheal, and Stufful
  • December 18th – Teddisura, Galarian Zigzagoon, Starly, Roggenrola, Litwick, and Deino

Lucky trainers may also find Bulbasaur, Dratini, and Mudkip on either day! All these Pokémon’s evolutions will know unique attacks too. Also, like always, a special Community Day Research Story will be available for a dollar too.

In addition to this, heaps of bonuses will be active throughout the duration of the event. Players will be rewarded with double the XP, Stardust, and Candy for catching Pokémon. Lure Modules and Incense will act for three hours and the Egg Hatch Distance will be halved. Special trades will be available too.

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