Pokemon Go is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a massive party next week

Pokemon Go is celebrating its sixth anniversary with a massive party next week

Pokémon Go just released its slate of events for July which included its yearly anniversary celebration. Pokémon Go turns six this year and Niantic has planned an entire party just like last year. We’re dialling back to 2016 with a six-themed celebration! For the fifth anniversary, Charmeleon seemed to be at the forefront and so, this year's celebrations are being led by its evolution, Charizard, who is coincidentally #006 in the Pokédex.

Pokémon Go’s Anniversary Event begins next week on July 6th and will run all the way up until July 12th. This will include a special birthday Field Research alongside the beloved Battle Weekend as well. Loads of Pokémon will make their debuts, and traverse the wilds. There will also be new avatar items and so much more to commemorate the occasion.

Let’s start off with the debutants. Players will be able to find Party Hat Charmeleon and Party Hat Charizard in the wild, with their Shiny variants up for grabs too. Trainers now have the opportunity to evolve their Party Hat Charmanders as well. No party is complete without Pikachu, so Cake Costume Pikachu is joining the festivities as well. the Field Research encounters will showcase starter Pokémon from numerous generations, so be sure to complete them.

The Battle Weekend on Pokémon Go will take place between July 9th and 10th. Team Go Rocket is back to being no good because their evil leader, Giovanni has captured a Latios and turned it into Shadow Latios. Players must battle against Giovanni and rescue the Pokémon as no one deserves to be in the clutches of Team Go Rocket. A few other Shadow variants, including Geodude, Shinx, and Purrloin, will also make appearances. 

Finally, the item shop will feature new sixth-anniversary avatar items as well as stickers that can be purchased or obtained via spinning PokéStops and opening gifts. Don’t forget that the anniversary event could be boosted by Ultra Unlocks that can be achieved in the Pokémon Go Fest Berlin.

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