Pokemon Go's latest Daily Adventure Incense feature has started rolling out

Pokemon Go's latest Daily Adventure Incense feature has started rolling out
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July is almost over and Pokémon Go’s last event on the month, Hisuian Discoveries is going to go live along with its bonus Ultra Unlocks tomorrow. While the August calendar isn’t here yet, Niantic has just released details on a brand new feature that is currently rolling out in Pokémon Go – Daily Adventure Incense. Incense has already been here for a while but this new one takes things to the next level. Regardless of their location, trainers will be able to use this feature, even in rural areas.

Daily Adventure Incense has already begun rolling out in certain regions. Each day, everyone will receive one Daily Adventure Incense which lasts for 15 minutes and only one can be held at a time. When active, players will be able to encounter Pokémon that are not normally seen in the wild. So, all those rare-ish Pokémon you missed out on? There’s a chance to get them now. Do note that no other incense can be used while the Daily Adventure variant is active and vice versa.

Activating the Daily Adventure Incense works the same way as any other incense. Players can find it in the Item Bag and can simply tap it to begin using it. In those 15 minutes, a blue fog will surround the avatar, indicating that the incense is functioning. Once used, it will reappear the following day. Catching Pokémon also follows the same process, they will be attracted to the location and can be caught the regular way.

Catching Pokémon of course requires Poké Balls, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls, and if players have less than or equal to 30 of them, they will receive 30 Poké Balls the minute the Daily Adventure Incense is activated. A Special Research Story will also be held to welcome this feature to the game.

Expect to be able to use Daily Adventure Incense sometime next week onwards. Download Pokémon Go now for free.

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