Old School RuneScape is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a stroll down memory lane

Old School RuneScape is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a stroll down memory lane

RuneScape has already been around for 22 years and there seems to be no stopping its growth as players still rave about the MMORPG. Today, an offshoot of the franchise, Old School RuneScape has also hit the milestone of ten years. The title based on RuneScape’s original MMO formula will be celebrating its 10th anniversary with a number of in-game events.

The nostalgia factor has been cranked up for Old School RuneScape’s 10th birthday celebrations as players will be back to doing what they do best, saving the day. This adventure down memory lane includes loads of cosmetic rewards that will be available for both free and paid members. The events are already live and will be available until March 15th.

A special cake-off has been organised, during which iconic characters will show up as players to commemorate a decade of OSRS. Through the event, everyone will be able to enjoy a rapid tour of Geilinor as they reprise their role as a Cook’s assistant. Players can expect cameos from the Lumbridge Goblins, the Wizard of Wizard’s Tower, and numerous other beloved characters and locations.


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Rewards for participating and finishing the event missions include an exclusive cake hate, a dragon candle weapon, birthday balloons, two half-jugs of wine, plushes of Jad, the stray dog, the gnome child and the iconic Silver Party Hat. New cosmetics like an OSRS Jumper, a gnome child backpack, Bob the cat slippers, and a banner cape will also be released.

OSRS kicked off its year with a bang as they brought back a continuation of the Mahjarret storyline from 2001 and will be introducing a new skill after 15 long years. That’s not even the end. There’s so much more content planned for 2023.

Celebrate Old School RuneScape’s tenth anniversary by downloading the game using one of the links below.

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