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How to create and use lecterns in Minecraft

How to create and use lecterns in Minecraft
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There are various exciting items and blocks which you can craft in Minecraft. Unfortunately, 20% of blocks are entirely enough to survive in the game. Therefore, most people ignore Minecraft's large variety of blocks, such as copper and many others. One such block is lecterns. Read this guide and you will find out how to create and use lecterns in Minecraft.


When you're crafting a lectern in Minecraft in a nutshell, you should use only 4 wooden slabs and a bookshelf. First, open the workbench. Here, you need to fill the first row with 3 wooden slabs. Then, place a bookshelf in the centre of the workbench and the last wooden slab in the middle of the 3rd row. As a result, you will get 1 Lectern. Below, you can see the image of this recipe.

Recipe to craft a lectern in Minecraft


Now that you know how to craft a lectern, it's time to find out how to get ingredients for making this item. First, you should get wooden slabs. Fortunately, even if you are a beginner, you can get them in a few minutes.

You have to chop down the tree to get some wood. After that, you should make planks using this wood. You need only 3 planks. When you have planks, open the workbench and fill the 3rd row with them. You will get 6 wooden slabs as a result, which is entirely enough for crafting a lectern.

After you have 6 planks, you should start crafting a bookshelf. The foremost thing you should know is that it is way more challenging to make it than wooden slabs. First, you should find cows. The fact is that you need to have 3 books for crafting a bookshelf. Therefore, kill cows until you find 3 leather.


Next, you should get some paper. The best way to obtain paper is to make it from sugarcane. It can be found near rivers and oceans. And if you can't find it, head to the sandy biome. There, you will always find a lot of sugarcane. You can grow sugarcane yourself, but it requires a lot of time.

Don't worry - you only need to get 9 sugarcane for crafting paper. When you collect it, open the workbench and fill the middle row with sugarcane. You will get 3 papers by following this crafting recipe.

And when you finally have all the necessary ingredients, you can prepare a book with paper and leather. Honestly, there is no crafting recipe for a book. Therefore, you can place leather and paper the way you want to.

When you have 3 books, you should place them in the middle row of your crafting table. Also, you should surround these books with wooden planks of any type. As a result, you will obtain a bookshelf for crafting a lectern.


Using a Minecraft lectern

Now that you know how to make a lectern in Minecraft, it's time to find out how to use it. Honestly, nothing is challenging about it. The primary usage of a lectern is for reading books. You should take a book in your hands and right-click to put it on the lectern. After that, you can read it. Moreover, multiple people can read the same book simultaneously.

Also, you should remember that lecterns can transport the Redstone signal. So, if you like making complex mechanisms using Redstone dust in Minecraft, it is one of the best blocks you can craft. Moreover, you can always download some interesting Redstone modifications to make your in-game experience even better.

The lectern is one of the leading job blocks in Minecraft. So, if you place it near an adult villager without the occupation, he will become a librarian. And the librarian is one of the best villagers for trading.

When the librarian is levelled up, you can buy enchanted books and various other essential items for improving your tools. So, make sure to use all the advantages of this villager, and don't lose an opportunity to craft a lectern.

In conclusion, making a lectern in Minecraft is not complicated at all. Using this item, you can provide a librarian occupation for your villagers, which is one of the best professions in Minecraft. And while you are here, make sure to check our list of the best Minecraft Pocket Edition shaders