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Recipe to craft and use Grind Stone in Minecraft

Recipe to craft and use Grind Stone in Minecraft
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Every Minecraft player knows about the workbench, chest, furnace, bed, and other popular things he or she can make. These objects are just the most widely used in Minecraft. However, various other items in this video game are worth your attention as well.

One perfect example of such an item is the Grind Stone. Here is how to craft and use Grind Stone in Minecraft.


Grind Stone is a Minecraft block used to repair tools and remove enchantments from them. Also, Grind Stone is a work tool for a weaponsmith - one of Minecraft's newest villagers. The fact is that Grind Stone is a relatively new block.

If you want a working Gring Stone, play the 1.14+ version of Minecraft. Keep it in mind and check out what version you're using before you continue reading the guide.


Grind Stone screenshot Minecraft

Once you know what the Grind Stone is, it would be best to find out how to use this item to your advantage. Generally, there is nothing complicated about using Grind Stone - you'll be happy to know that it works like any other Minecraft item.

Inside the Grind Stone, there are 2 free slots. You can put items in these slots to increase durability and combine enchantments. Also, you can delete all enchantments from the tool using this item. After that, you will be able to enchant this tool again.

You need to remember that only 2 similar tools can be placed inside the Grind Stone. For example, you can't mix the diamond pickaxe and iron sword. Thus, items should be made with the same material.

You can take the perfectly enchanted diamond sword with low durability and the new diamond sword with 100% durability. As a result, you will get an enchanted diamond sword with full durability - and that is the best way of using Grind Stone.

The last thing you need to know is that Grind Stone can be mined only using a pickaxe. If you use any other tool, the item will not be dropped. That said, it's time to learn how to craft this valuable item - this is what you're here for, after all!


Even though Grind Stone is one of the most useful items in Minecraft, thankfully, there is nothing challenging about crafting it. You only need 2 planks, a stone slab, and 2 sticks. And once you have them, you can follow the recipe below to craft Grind Stone.

Minecraft Grind Stone recipe

Fortunately, these resources are one of the most accessible in the game. Therefore, even if you are a beginner, you can quickly make a Grind Stone. 

In conclusion, Grind Stone is probably one of the most underestimated items in Minecraft. However, if you know how to manage it correctly, you can get various benefits from using it. Therefore, this item has to be in your house for sure. And while you are here, check our list of Best Minecraft Pocket Edition shaders as well for more info!