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Where to find and how to use copper in Minecraft

Where to find and how to use copper in Minecraft
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It's no secret that iron is the most popular ore in Minecraft. It's a pretty accessible resource - you can craft powerful armour using an iron. However, sometimes there is a need to use other ores that you find in caves, which is why we've got this guide on where to find and how to use copper in Minecraft.


Like most ores, you can find copper underground. Fortunately, it is one of the most widespread resources in the cave, so you will never have problems with getting copper.

You need to use the stone pickaxe to mine it. Using better pickaxes increases your chances of getting a few copper ingots from one block, but it's not the only way to get copper ingots in Minecraft. The fact is that copper ingots can be easily obtained by killing Drowned.


Now that you know how to get copper, it's time to learn how to use it. Even though this metal can't be used for crafting tools, there are various other ways to use copper. Continue reading the guide to find out about the best ways of using copper in Minecraft. Unfortunately, the copper golem is not an official option, but if you really want it, there are alternative ways to get it.

Use copper for decorative purposes

If you combine 9 copper ingots, you will get one copper block. It is a colourful block that can be used to make walls, roofs, fences, and even houses. But as copper blocks are hardly achievable, using them as the main resource in constructing Minecraft houses and other buildings is not recommended.

Copper block recipe in Minecraft

Also, using a copper block, you can obtain cut copper blocks and cut copper stairs. These 2 blocks also can be used in design and building.

Make lightning rod

Even though most players don't know about the lightning rod, it remains one of the best items in Minecraft. The fact is that lightning rods are used to divert lightning strikes.

Lighting rod - Minecraft

If you live in the forest, it will save you from unnecessary forest fires, which might significantly damage your house. You should put 3 copper ingots vertically to craft a lightning rod, which is a meagre price for such a valuable item.

Make Spyglass with copper

Spyglass is another exciting item that can be made from copper. Spyglass is the prototype of the telescope, and using Spyglass does not differ from using a telescope. You can zoom things in and out with this item.

Spyglass can't be built without copper in Minecraft

Fortunately, nothing is challenging about crafting this valuable item. You should combine one amethyst shard and two copper ingots in the workbench to get Spyglass.

The last thing you should know is that copper blocks and all the things you make from them change colour over time. They start to oxidize and turn from their natural reddish-brown into a bluish-green colour.

However, you can easily prevent oxidation using a honeycomb. Combine it with a copper block in the workbench and you will get wax copper, which will not oxidize.

In conclusion, copper is a very useful ore in Minecraft. You can use it for making helpful items and for decorating purposes. Moreover, you can get copper blocks of different colours if you use an oxidation trick. And while you're here, make sure to check our recipe to craft and use Grind Stone in Minecraft!