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How to breed horses in Minecraft

How to breed horses in Minecraft

Minecraft has three types of creatures; those that are friendly, enemies and passive mobs. These minions will never attack you first, and some passive mobs might even come in handy.

One of the most useful passive creatures in Minecraft is a horse. Primarily, these animals in Minecraft are used to travel faster. However, you can do different other things with horses in this game as well, so read this guide and learn how to breed and use horses in Minecraft!


Minecraft horse

There are over 30 types of horses in Minecraft, and the only real distinction between them is the colour of the hair. The horses have been present since the initial release, so you can call them one of the oldest Minecraft creatures.

The horse in Minecraft has from 15 to 30 health points. However, if you tame a horse, you can equip a special horse armour on your animal and increase its health points. It is helpful if you want to protect it from monsters and other animals. Unlike the classic Minecraft equipment, there are only four types of horse armour: Leather, Iron, Golden, and Diamond.

A horse is the best means of transportation in Minecraft. Unlike the trolley, you do not need to build a railway to use it. Moreover, horses can easily climb a mountain and swim, although you need to tame a horse before riding it. So, continue reading the guide and you will learn how to tame a horse in Minecraft efficiently.


Tamed horses become available not only for riding but breeding as well. Also, you can give the horse equipment and control it when it is tamed.

However, before taming a horse, you need to find it - and the fact is that Minecraft horses can be found only in 6 biomes: Plains, Sunflower Plains, Savanna, Savanna Plateau, Windswept Savanna, and Villages. Most horses can be found on the fields or near the water - don't try to find the horse in the forest since they never spawn there.

When you find a horse, you need to start mounting it until it stops bucking you off. How fast you do it depends on the temper of the horse - this is the hidden stat that can be from 0 to 100. The lower the temper is, the longer it will take to tame the horse. The temper should exceed 100 to tame the horse, so the best way to increase the temper is to feed the horse. Horse temper decreases by 5 points every time you are bucked off.

When the temper exceeds 100, hearts will appear above the horse, which will indicate that it is tamed. After that, you will be able to ride a horse, feed it, provide it with equipment and do various other things. Continue reading the guide and you will find out how to breed horses in Minecraft!

Horse farm in minecraft


Now that you know all the necessary information about horses, it's time to talk about the central point of our article - breeding horses. Generally, nothing is challenging about it. You only need two tamed horses and a few minutes of free time, which you can spend on breeding.

So, to breed horses, you need to activate the special love mode, which will cause them to mate. And to activate this mode, you need to feed both horses golden apples or golden carrots.

There is no difference in what food to choose; the result will be the same. In a few minutes, you will get a horse foal. And the type of foal you will get depends on the horses you breed.

For example, breeding the horse with a donkey will create a mule foal. Just like horses, mules can be tamed and ridden. The only difference between a horse and a mule is that it is impossible to breed the mule. But in some cases, it might even be beneficial for you.

When you breed horses, there is a 100% chance of obtaining a horse foal. However, the colour of the foal is very complex. Check the table below describing the colour and marking probabilities while breeding two horses.

  Color A Color B Random Color Total
Markings A 17.78% 17.78% 4.44% 40%
Markings B 17.78% 17.78% 4.44% 40%
Random Markings 8.89% 8.89% 2.22% 20%
Total 44.44% 44.44% 11.11%  

As you can see, there is a small chance to get random colours and random markings. Therefore, don't be surprised if a little foal strongly differs from the parents.

To conclude, horses are one of Minecraft's most helpful passive mobs. Moreover, horses are flexible, making them the best Minecraft vehicle - and nothing is challenging about breeding them. You only need to activate the special love mode by feeding them golden apples or carrots. Moreover, you can breed horses with donkeys and get mules. In the end, take a look at our other guides like the one to make a compass or best Minecraft Pocket Edition shaders list!

Original article by Alina Novicenko.
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