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Top 10 best Minecraft mods for Mobile Bedrock Edition in 2023

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Top 10 best Minecraft mods for Mobile Bedrock Edition in 2023

Enhance your blocky world with batty and whacky mods

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Here at Pocket Gamer, we would like to take this opportunity to pay our respects to our fallen comrade Technoblade - The OG Minecraft Tuber who brought smiles to all our faces and shaped our childhood since 2013. We mourn the loss of the star with 15 million subscribers. 

In its wake, Minecraft also spawned a large variety of games inspired by its blocky charm. The game has no defined goal, with the only boundaries being your imagination - yet it generated a potpourri of interesting modes that imparted hours and hours of fun. Minecraft mods include participating in adrenaline-inducing multiplayer duels such as Skywars, building ginormous cityscapes on a real-life scale, re-enacting popular movie/horror game scenes and so much more.

For thrillseekers of a calibre, players can opt to add more “flavour” into their Minecraft world through an expansive list of mods born out of love from the Minecraft modding community - ranging from simple ones that add furniture or a new pet to adding more whimsical dimensions and complicated technical based mods that introduce energy systems. Here in this list, we searched every block and border for the recommended mods, exclusively for the mobile version of Minecraft: Bedrock edition (previously known as Minecraft Pocket Edition or in its abbreviated form MCPE, available on both Google Play and the App Store). Rest assured this list has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Best Minecraft PE mods

Disclaimer: The Minecraft mods in this list are all applicable to the newer versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition (1.19 to 1.18; both updates arrived in 2022); take note that some mods listed here originally came out in earlier years but were updated to fit the latest version.


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The Origins mod

Download the Origins mod (Bedrock Edition) here

A particular favourite of ours. On paper, this mod sounds simple, yet it works fantabulously by adding a dedicated RPG system to Minecraft. Apart from the ordinary Steve and Alex human class, players get to choose a race from multiple options, each with its specific perks and downsides. For instance, players who've always wanted to get a taste of what it’s like to be the inheritor of mystical Enderman powers can choose to embark on their journey early on as an Enderian - gifted with the wondrous ability to teleport around without consequences - albeit with the price of being afraid of any bodies of water. That’s not all - players who want to take to the skies can opt to be an Elytrian.

Remon Furniture mod

Download the Remons Furniture (Bedrock Edition) here

This mod adds style and aesthetics that tinker with your inner creativity and intuition for interior design. The Remon Furniture mod is one in a long list of decoration-focused mods that add furniture in keeping with Minecraft’s blocky aesthetics, giving players more options for furniture and an actual sofa instead of having to make use of stairs to make a seat. All are easily accessible within the vanilla crafting interface, both from the crafting table and stonecutters. Another point that makes this mod so appealing is that it went above and beyond to add a diverse selection of decorative blocks that are functional.

Minecraft Tornado mod

Get the Minecraft Tornado here

As someone who came from playing this mod on PC, my bias will be obvious for this one. Feeling Minecraft’s weather system is too risk-free? Look no further than the Tornado mod as it adds in multiple extreme weather phenomena ranging from ferocious tornadoes that can tear everything asunder to the aquatic counterpart known as weather spouts. This mod is best suited for endgame players as it tasks them with the need to find a safe spot to construct their shelter. Alternatively, it might suit players with a penchant for seeing Mother Nature do its worst.

The Backrooms mod

Get Backrooms mod here

The SCP vibes are real here. Backrooms is an urban legend that fueled nightmares - for context, backrooms are pocket dimensions (drawing forth the bizarre phobia from liminal spaces) that can be “accidentally” accessed by unsuspecting souls through a process known as “no clip” out of reality. Its charm was further enhanced by the participation of the whole of the internet as anonymous users. Each layer with its safety ratings and inhabitants (if any) and players now get to experience all the madness in their Minecraft world!

This mod is slightly complex and aims to be a vast addition to Minecraft’s seemingly empty post-game. Players must have gotten to the “End” Dimension to procure endstones to craft a device (The Interdimensional Breacher) that can “no clip” you into the iconic base level of the claustrophobic corridors, distinguished by the dull yellow that seemingly stretches to infinity. A recent addition has introduced the well-known level one of the backrooms consisting of sprawling warehouse shelves. As an ardent follower of the SCP series, I always imagine this as a deja vu trip down SCP-3008 aka the endless IKEA as many parallels can be drawn.

Players have the liberty to explore this vast landscape for new items featured in the backrooms lore, with occasional “dead bodies” decorating the hallways. Getting out from this constrictive hellscape requires exploration as players need to seek 3 keys to access an exit portal. Players do this all while avoiding any devious denizens of the domains that seek to scourge you.

Shin Godzilla mod

Get Shin Godzilla mod here

Many mod creators have given it their all to breathe this iconic king of the monsters into the innocent blocky world, with the most well-known earlier iteration known as Mobzilla from Orespawn mod (PC). It is a monstrous abomination that dwarfs even the deadliest mutants. However, what sets it apart is the integration of a proper life cycle for Godzilla. That’s right - Godzilla will first start as a limbless creature and slowly grow to its “Kamakura form” after evolution has taken its course. Godzilla serves as a “superboss” for players wanting to challenge their limits or to test dastardly new weapons from other mods.

Abandoned Structures and Ruins mod

Get Abandoned structures and ruins mod here

Specifically designed for adventurous souls with a penchant for exploring derelict structures. This mod adds in a myriad of structures of a different scale to enhance the players’ exploration experience. Each structure also varies in terms of loot. For the creative buds, players can try restoring them to their former glory or adding slight modifications to shape them according to players’ tastes.

The Cordyceps mod

Download Cordyceps addon here

No mod list is complete without an apocalyptic theme. Cordyceps is a mod that is still in its infancy and brimming with potential. As its name suggests, it adds a parasitic fungus called Cordyceps inspired by its real-life counterpart, which enslaves ants as their primary host. The main highlight of this Minecraft modification is the addition of brand new infected mobs whose motivation is solely committing savagery. It starts with the relatively stereotypical zombie (runners) and progresses to more sophisticated fungal life forms such as Clickers. That’s not the end of it, though, this mod completely revamped mushrooms in Minecraft by giving them a brand new texture and more interactivity - never would players ever want to make a makeshift mushroom-themed base.

Action Optimization Original mod

Download Action Optimization Original addon here

Next on the list is a pretty straightforward, aesthetically pleasing add-on that aims to revolutionize Minecraft into a playable “animation”. Like the dazzling masterpieces produced by talented megastars such as CaptainSparklez, Slamacow, AntVenom and so many more, it aims to fill the soulless husk of a model by retrofitting it with a lively range of dynamic actions. No longer will the player character’s model remain as stiff as a wooden board. Now, every inch of the player’s movement will have an extra dash of “dynamics” to them when attacking, walking, eating, hurling javelins and even idling.

Mount Creatures mod

Download Mount Creatures through here

Have you ever felt that riding horses has fallen out of fashion? Do you have a craving for more options to choose from, as well as a hunger to take “Yee Haw” up to the next level? Well, look no further than this mod: Mount Creatures. In many ways, it reminds me of a rather old PC Forge mod called Animal Bikes (where I used to ride on a Notch). This mod adds many magical creatures for players to traverse the blocky world, from a magical Pegasus to the endearing Chocobo! For sea travels and traditional boat-riding, there’s no shortage of options since mobs such as the hippocampus can take you for a swim.

Craft Sims mod

Download Craft Sims mod here

The equivalent to Minecraft Comes Alive from the PC version. This mod turns Minecraft into a Sims game as it spices up your world dramatically by replacing unintelligible Squidward-Esque villagers with interact-able villagers. It also introduced a proper village management/building system as players get to play the role of an architect: to plan and expand the size of a village. As mentioned before, this mod allows the player to have a deeper interaction with the villagers that go beyond just trade. Players get to chat, befriend and even woo them to start a new family. In addition, villagers are not the damsels in distress anymore as there are guards to fend off any hostile invasion. How neat is that?

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