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How to make a Compass in Minecraft

How to make a Compass in Minecraft

The Compass has been added to several editions of the game, including Bedrock and Java. In recent updates, there have been different types of compasses that have been added as well. We will be going in-depth regarding all the use cases of a compass in Minecraft, as well as how to build it the right way. You can expect to be a travelling master by the end!

Compass in Minecraft


Compass is a device that can be crafted using a Crafting Table and used to navigate around the map in Minecraft. Compass has long been considered a necessity if you’re planning to travel a lot in the game. It’s also beneficial to track down specific locations, such as your own house, or the very first spawn point you were sent to. It can also be used further to craft some niche items in the game.

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You can make a Compass anywhere as long as you have the right equipment and the right materials. When it comes to equipment, you will only be needing a Crafting table at hand. Inside the Crafting table, you need to insert the following quantities of items:

  • Iron Ingot x 4
  • Redstone Dust x 1

Place the Redstone Dust at the centre of the 9x9 crafting table. Now, place the Iron Ingots adjacent to the Redstone Dust in all the quad-lateral directions, namely at the top, right, left, and bottom. You can view this crafting recipe more clearly in the image shown below.

Crafting a compass in Minecraft


A Lodestone Compass is going to be required if you are planning to point the compass towards a particular location or a bed. You should be building the Lodestone Compass nonetheless, as it will help you tremendously on your adventures or simply when you navigate your way back home. You can also craft some useful items using a Lodestone Compass such as Maps. A Lodestone Compass works when you place a Lodestone block at any point on the map, such as your spawn location. The compass will detect the Lodestone and point to that location.

Naturally, you will require a Lodestone first in order to craft a Lodestone Compass. Let’s take a look at the full crafting recipe for a Lodestone. Firstly, you will require the following items to insert into a Crafting Table:

  • Chiselled Stone Bricks x 8
  • Netherite Ingot x 1

Place the Netherite Ingot at the centre of the 9x9 crafting table. Now, place the Chiselled Stone Bricks in the remaining 8 blocks surrounding the Netherite Ingot. You can view this crafting recipe more clearly in the image shown below.

Lodestone compass Note: Be aware that the compass will only point towards the position of the Lodestone, as long as it is not destroyed or moved from its original place. Make sure to check the Lodestone regularly to ensure its place. You can also use multiple Lodestones to mark different locations at a time, improving your navigating capabilities even more.


Compasses are something that you can find very easily, making them not much of a rarity. Compasses can be found in many places on the map, but here are some of the most remarkable ones that are known for having the highest amount of Compass drops:

Shipwreck Area
  • Map Chest: Compass x 1 (7.7% probability)
Stronghold Area
  • Library Chest: Compass x 1 (10.5% probability)
Village Area
  • Cartographer's Chest: Compass x 1 (26.3% probability)

Now that you have learned how to find or craft a compass, it will be much harder to get lost in one of the Minecraft cities.

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