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Minecraft: How to make a Beehive and attract bees

Minecraft: How to make a Beehive and attract bees

Are you looking to nurture your crops in Minecraft? Then Honey is going to be your best friend! In this article, we will be sharing each and every step involved from crafting a beehive, all the way to harvesting that precious Honey from it. The game is notorious for being able to craft anything and everything. Bees were one of the more lightweight additions to the ever-growing list of mobs in Minecraft. Its surge in popularity happened when the community at large discovered the hidden benefits of keeping your own Beehive and harvesting honey by inviting Bees.

Naturally, a few questions might be on your mind when it comes to all things bee-related in Minecraft. Today, we'll answer those for alongside providing an in-depth guide. Do not fret as we will make sure to cover everything we know regarding crafting beehives and harvesting honey from them.


Bees are neutral flying mobs that can be usually found in the wild or in domesticated areas. They will automatically spawn over time. Naturally generated birch and oak trees also spawn bees over time. However, they are mostly spawned via a Bee nest or Beehive. Bees pollinate flowers and, when they do, add honey to their home when they return to it. When full, bee nests or beehives can be harvested with shears for honeycomb or glass bottles for honey bottles.

Bees are usually silent creatures that do not pose a threat unless you forcefully harvest honey or attack another member of the hive. If provoked by being attacked or breaking or harvesting their hive or nest without the correct precautions, bees suicidally attack in a swarm, poisoning you in retaliation.


You can attract bees to your crafted beehive quite simply. The first thing you need to do is go to one of the areas mentioned above. Make sure you have a flower in your hand and then stand a safe distance from the bees with the flower in your hand. The aroma and the smell will automatically lure the bees to follow you. Using this technique, you can get them to follow you anywhere.


Crafting a Beehive should be your primary step in this entire process. It’s also quite easy, as you will require only a few raw materials and a crafting table to craft the item. Here are the raw materials required:

  • 6 x Wooden Planks
  • 3 x Honeycombs

Next, here are the steps to craft a Beehive:

  • Open your crafting table slots. You should see a 3x3 empty grid.
  • From your inventory beneath the grid, select 3 Wooden planks and place them on the top layer in each individual slot.
  • Next, place another 3 Wooden Planks on the bottom layer in each individual slot.
  • Lastly, place 3 honeycombs in the middle row, with each honeycomb taking each individual slot.
  • Simply craft and your Beehive will be ready to be used!

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Harvesting honey is going to be one of the easiest processes, provided that you are taking the required precautions and not mindlessly engaging with the beehive. First things first, only beehives that are full can be used to harvest honey and honeycomb. The process goes as follows:

Each time a bee covered with pollen enters the beehive, they start converting it into both honey and honeycomb. After they are done, usually overnight, then the next day, the bee will leave the hive, while marking its honey increments by +1. This process happens until the honey increment reaches +5. After that point, the beehive itself will change its appearance and look as if honey is oozing out of it. That’s the perfect time to harvest Honey.

You will require a specific set of instruments to harvest honey. They are the Glass Bottle/Iron Shears and Redstone Dispenser. While a Glass bottle (not to be confused with tint glass) is required to harvest Honey, the Redstone Dispenser and Glass Bottle/Iron Shear are required to harvest Honeycomb. Here is the step-by-step process to harvest honey from a Beehive that is full:

  • Go near the full beehive.
  • Make sure you have the glass bottle equipped in your hand.
  • Simply right-click the beehive and use the glass bottle on it to convert it to a “Honey Bottle

We would also recommend you take up and farm Honeycomb using a Redstone dispenser fused with Iron shear in order to help craft more beehives in the future.


Harvesting honey is not at all dangerous when you follow some basic precautions. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • Ensure that there are no bees left inside while you are tampering with the beehive as this will agitate them and leave you poisoned.
  • Only approach a full beehive that has changed its appearance.
  • If there are bees inside, and you want to safely harvest the honey, then simply light a campfire beneath the beehive and make sure the smoke is not blocked. This will calm the bees. To avoid taking fire damage, make sure to put a carpet on the campfire. This should not restrict the smoke and save you from taking extra fire damage as well.
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