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Top 8 breathtaking Minecraft cities

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Top 8 breathtaking Minecraft cities

A selection of beautiful custom Minecraft cities that look surreal.

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Minecraft is a very blocky game and you can spend all of your sessions just trying to find all the different combinations and materials needed to make those combinations happen. However, if you manage to get your hands on some sturdy blocks, it can be worthwhile to see just how much you can do with them. Some folks have gone to very impressive lengths to make monuments and complex structures. Among them, there's a dedicated group that is trying to build their own cities in the game.

It's not always easy to travel considering the timing and expenses. Even so, thanks to those building cities in Minecraft, you can get a sense of traveling through a blocky universe. These folks have done a lot of work and research in order to create full and thriving cities in the game. Some of them are completely original locations while others have tried to recreate real cities within Minecraft. Either way, if you're looking to travel in-game, you'd do well to check out some of these cities and see if you can create your own postcards.

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The Last Pillar of Light

Minecraft has always had a fantasy theme, but a creator named Bambusz decided to take it to new heights. They did this by building a city aptly named The Last Pillar of Light. This huge towering structure has a mystical air about it with a spiralling outside but a solid structure. This Minecraft city is located in the middle of the ocean rising toward the heavens. If you're willing to make the swim out there, you'll be met with a fantastical city of light that urges you to climb to the top and take in everything that you can. It may be the last pillar, but it has a good chance to stand the test of time.

Download The Last Pillar of Light


Sometimes it's easy to rouse curiosity with just a name and Mu-Ryang-Sa does just that. Designed by Anson, this Minecraft city makes you wish that there was a real-world counterpart somewhere. Although it would be more accurately classified as a village, its layout makes you think that's much larger than it appears. It takes inspiration from hidden forest communities that you've heard about in many fantasy stories. The whole place is enclosed by nature and you want to feel all of it as you make your way through the greenery.

Download Mu-Ryang-Sa

Curitiba, Brazil

If you're planning a digital vacation, you should consider the Minecraft version of Curitiba, Brazil. This was brought to life by Lucas Koinski, and you can get a sense of this lesser-known city in Brazil that's been captured quite effectively. You can wander the streets of the blocky city or build your way over the skyline to see everything that it has to offer. While the outside is definitely impressive, some of the interiors have been recreated as well. Due diligence has been done to capture the feel of Brazil in this Minecraft city.

Download Curitiba, Brazil


An appeal of Minecraft is that it allows you to live a simple life if you're willing to work for it. You can set up your own farm with a variety of things to grow and Pappleton shows just how far you can take such an idea. Presented by Antopolo, this city emulates the feel of a municipality meshed with farmland. It's widespread and flat with a lot of plains and wilderness nearby as well as access to the water. Pappleton is definitely a relaxing city and Minecraft could always use some of that.

Download Pappleton

Liberty City

The GTA series is known for setting their games in cities that are clearly based on real-world cities but altered in certain ways as well as having a different name. A repeat destination for the games is the famous Liberty City which has been recreated in Minecraft by Jay Elzer. Yes, you can finally live out a potential dream of experiencing the sights and lights of a GTA playground. See the level of detail when night falls and spend a lot of time walking the streets as you hope for the thrill of stealing cars.

Download Liberty City

Amberlight City Apocalypse

Within the first hour of playing Minecraft, you're likely to encounter zombies, skeletons, and other mutant creatures roaming the land. It makes you think that the game is set during an apocalypse, but Amberlight City Apocalypse removes any doubt. Provided by NoodleCoffee, the city lets you explore a vast space that still stands following a vague apocalypse. The buildings are tall, ruined, and overgrown while the streets make you wish for some form of life. There's a seriousness here that's worthwhile to experience.

Download Amberlight City Apocalypse


San Francisco claims the title City by the Bay which is odd since there are so many bay cities out there that are quite beautiful. Some of this beauty has been captured in the Minecraft city Bayville by Dani4355. A lot of effort has gone into making this an original working city that happens to be by a bay. There's a transportation system in play as well as cars to drive through the streets. When you're done driving down the coast, check out the bay and maybe go for a swim.

Download Bayville

City of Rome: Tivoli Edition

Of all the cities in the world, Rome is one of the most visited with thousands of tourists flocking to it on a monthly basis. Sadly, this makes it a very crowded and expensive destination, which is why the City of Rome: Tivoli Edition serves as a digital alternative. Created in Minecraft by Giovanni32, this city actually showcases another Italian location called Tivoli. A little way outside of Rome, this small and rustic place has traditional charm while trying to create the atmosphere of Italy.

Download City of Rome: Tivoli Edition

These are the most beautiful cities in Minecraft, and of course, we are encouraging you to create your own, as we will consider all other architectural splendours that you can share with us. However, if you're looking to create something lighter at first, here are 50 ideas for Minecraft houses and Minecraft castles.

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