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How to breed and tame cats in Minecraft

How to breed and tame cats in Minecraft

Cats are one of the many creatures or mobs you will be able to find in Minecraft, and they stand out as probably the best option to tame. You can have them as companions, who doesn't want a feline friend accompanying them on their adventure?

Once you own numerous cats, you will also have the option to breed them and produce even more of these pretty animals in the sandbox title. However, accomplishing this isn't something everyone will likely be aware of. This guide provides you with all the details you need to tame and breed cats in Minecraft.

How to breed and tame cats in Minecraft

Two Minecraft cats breeding

1) Find the cats

The first step in the process is to locate cats in Minecraft. To find them, you will need to search villages and swamp huts. Although there are some specifics to bear in mind. 

In terms of a village, at least one villager and four beds are required for a stray cat to spawn. You can find a maximum of 10 cats in a village in Java Edition, while you can discover five cats in villages in Bedrock Edition.

As for swamp huts, one untamed black cat spawns alongside the witches in the small huts that you will be able to locate in the swamp biome. These are the only two primary locations where you can find cats in Minecraft, so you can try finding either of them to get cats.

2) Tame the cats

After locating untamed cats, the next step is to tame these felines. To do so, you will need to feed, which probably isn't surprising since that's the way to most creature's hearts. But it can't be any food, cats have a penchant for raw cod and raw salmon.

Feeding feral cats isn't easy since they move about, and you have to carefully follow them without making much sound. You will need to invest some time to accomplish this, and after consistently following the cats, you will be able to tame them.

Once tamed, you can carefully have the cat follow you to your base, where you can try making them breed to get more cats.

3) Make them breed

Unsurprisingly, you need two cats for the purpose of breeding, and listed below are the steps you can follow:

  • Step 1: To begin, you must get two tamed cats close to one another.
  • Step 2: Next, you should feed them raw cod or salmon to make them enter love mode. A heart symbol will emerge on the screen to indicate this.
  • Step 3: The breeding process will occur, and a kitten will soon spawn. It will have the colour of one of the parents.

After breeding, the two cats won’t be able to do so again for 20 minutes, which is fair, it's a demanding process! Besides that, your new kitten will take 20 minutes to grow into an adult cat. You can speed up that process by feeding raw cod or salmon. Although it might sound a bit weird, you can learn how to breed villagers as well.

What are the uses of cats in Minecraft?

Pixellated Black Cat

Primarily cats are no more than a pet, meaning you can tame them to make them roam alongside you. In addition to that, cats can be used to repel creepers and phantoms, with those mobs keeping a respectable distance if you have a kitty by your side. 

Thus, it's pretty beneficial for you to own a cat in Minecraft as a way to stay safe from the creepers and phantoms.

Which is the rarest cat in Minecraft?

The Grey tabby is the rarest cat in Minecraft, given that its files are present in the resource pack, but it doesn’t spawn. As such, it's not possible for you to receive that particular kind of cat, and you will only be able to acquire the other 11 variants the game possesses.

All types of cats in Minecraft

Different cat types in Minecraft

Minecraft doesn’t possess only one kind of cat, and you will be able to find numerous variants, each possessing a unique appearance. The following is a list of the cats present in the game:

  • Black cat (black-coloured cats possessing orange eyes)
  • British Shorthair (silver-coloured cats possessing yellow eyes)
  • Calico (cat which is a mixture of orange, white and dark brown possessing yellow and blue eyes)
  • Jellie (grey and white coloured cats possessing grey-green eyes)
  • Persian (cream-coloured cats possessing blue eyes)
  • Ragdoll (white and soft amber-coloured cats possessing blue eyes)
  • Red (orange and white coloured cats possessing green eyes)
  • Siamese (white and pale brown coloured cats possessing blue eyes)
  • Tabby (brown and white coloured cats possessing yellow eyes)
  • Tuxedo (black and white coloured cats possessing green eyes)
  • White (white-coloured cats possessing light blue and yellow eyes)

That's all we have on breeding and taming cats in Minecraft, and you will likely be able to under the entire process of generating kittens. Aside from this article, you can also check out our Minecraft guides like “Where to find and how to use Heart of the Sea” to learn about the other aspects of the game.

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