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A Terraria Fishing guide that will help you catch the rarest species

A Terraria Fishing guide that will help you catch the rarest species

Fishing has long been considered one of the best activities to do when playing Terraria, mostly due to the discreet number of fish required by players to complete certain tasks in hard mode. If you’re one of those players who are either finding it difficult to get into fishing or finishing the Angler’s quest, then you’re in the right place! We present to you a detailed fishing guide that will re-invigorate your confidence in this activity!

Apart from simply completing quests, there are a lot of amazing resources you can by participating in this simple activity. Some of them include the likes of potions, food, mobility improvement assortments, Frog leg, and a pet Zephyr fish. Fishing is also considered a profitable activity for pre-hard mode beginners as it’s less competitive in nature and drops a decent chunk of Gold and equipment.

character fishing in Terraria


Fishing is one of the easiest activities to do, and master, especially due to how few resources are required to get stuck in. All you need to fish in the game is a Fishing Rod, and a body of water. Naturally, you will also need bait to attract fish or else they won’t come to your fishing pole/rod. As a beginner, you can make use of a wooden rod to fish. As bait, you can choose to use either worms or snails, which are relatively easy to find.


Fishing is an easy and attractive activity to partake in, but it also requires a good understanding of the natural biomes in Terraria. The requirements can be as low as 50 tiles in biomes like Honey, or it can shoot up to as high as 1001 tiles of water in an Ocean biome. For the bare minimum, you need 75 tiles of liquid connected. However, it’s recommended to have at least 300 tiles of liquid connected for a higher success rate.

It’s also important to keep the width and depth of the biome in mind. For example, you can layer 75 tiles of liquid on top of each other vertically, and still be able to fish due to the pond having a 75-tile depth. Similarly, you can also fish in 75 tiles of liquid connected vertically, due to the pond having a 75-tile width. The dimensions do matter, as a wider and deeper pool will fetch you higher-quality loot. One more important note, you cannot fish while underwater. Fishing can, however, be done even when you are moving, flying, or sitting on a chair.

Fishing tiles explained


The Angler’s Fishing Quests are perhaps one of the most notorious series of quests in Terraria. They are very fun and exciting, especially for a new player to complete and rake in the rewards. These quests can be taken by talking to the Angler NPC who gives out one Fishing quest every day. Completing Angler’s quests will provide you with tons of Coins, and a high possibility to get Bait as well.

You can take up quests from the Angler at any time of the day, and you can only catch the quest fish if it’s not already in your inventory. The number of available quests through the Angler can go up to 200.

Night fishing in Terraria


Apart from casually dipping your fishing pole with a bait attached to a pile of liquid, there’s a lot more to consider while fishing. These factors can vastly determine the outcome, in this, case, the quality of rewards such as Gold and items obtained through fishing. Let’s take a look at some of the most important factors that you should keep in mind on your fishing adventures in Terraria:

  • Using Terraria accessories can be useful while fishing. Only 1 accessory is acquired via completing Angler’s Fishing quests.
  • You can go to Angler to craft and use 3 different potions that can boost the rewards obtained via fishing.
  • Higher-grade fishing poles are significantly better than your stand wooden poles as they have a higher yield in terms of Coins and items. They can be bought in stores, crafted, obtained as Angler’s Fishing quest rewards, and found in hidden chests.
  • The higher the fishing power of the fishing pole used, the better the yield.
  • The higher the bait power of the bait used, the better the yield.

Take these tips and factors from our fishing guide into account, and you'll become a proficient fisherman in Terraria, catching every fish that you need with relative ease. We have other Terraria guides, of course, so if you're not busy come and take a look at the Terraria whips

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