Into the Dead 3 release date and the rest you need to know

Into the Dead 3 release date and the rest you need to know

Want to know more about the Into the Dead 3 release date? In December 2022 during the anniversary, the developers stated that they were actively developing the third part of the franchise - and it's a pretty expected move, as Into the Dead 2 came out about five years after the first game's release. It's now been five years since the release of Into the Dead 2 as well.

PikPok has created a truly immersive first-person runner set in the zombie apocalypse world. Players must run through various locations to save their lives, but on the way, hordes of zombies await them, which cannot be defeated without powerful weapons. The combination of thrilling action and a tense atmosphere has made the franchise one of the most popular zombie apocalypse games on mobile devices. And in this guide, we will tell you everything we know about the Into the Dead 3 release date and more.


Into the Dead 2 logo

PikPok released their first action runner in December 2012. In Into the Dead, players need to survive during the zombie apocalypse, and to do this, they can use a huge arsenal of different weapons. During each run, you need to be as focused as possible so as not to get trapped by the undead. The game has several modes but no story mode.

Five years after the first game, the developers fixed that in a sequel called Into the Dead 2. The new title continued the intended direction of the original Into the Dead, with a few changes. Now, players don't just survive because they want to live - they have a purpose.

PikPok has added the main character named James, whose goal in the game is to find his family. Of course, it won't be easy, as chaos reigns everywhere and hordes of bloodthirsty zombies want James for dinner.

The gameplay was also updated. In Into the Dead 2, you are able to run through many new locations with different enemies, and more importantly, your arsenal is now bigger. Moreover, you can use various methods of attack and defence. For example, players can take cover in the firing points, or fight in open combat with melee weapons. Also, the developers regularly update the game, adding new challenges and events. Therefore, it is not surprising that the second part of the franchise has become even more popular than the first. But can the third game achieve more?


Into the Dead 3 logo

And finally, we get to the upcoming third game in the Into the Dead franchise. As of 2022, we don't know too many details about the game, but we do know that PikPok is actively working on Into the Dead 3.

According to Mario Wynands, CEO of PikPok, the studio has been actively supporting Into the Dead 2 since its release. However, their main goal is to develop and release Into the Dead 3. Also, Mario added that the game will take all the best from Into the Dead 2, but will be much larger.

The game's trailer is proof of this. Of course, we can't learn much from it, but we can say for sure that there will be several characters in the game, and perhaps some of them will be familiar from the previous part. The events of Into the Dead 3 will take place approximately ten years after the Into the Dead 2 release. People have learned to survive in the realities of the zombie apocalypse, and now their personal stories will come to light.

Unfortunately, the developers have not announced the exact release date for their new title. We expect Into the Dead 3 to be available sometime in 2023, and we hope that the developers will provide more accurate information soon.


Shady character holding a rifle - Into the Dead 3

As for the gameplay, almost nothing is certain at the moment. It will also be a runner in which players will have to use various weapons to fight off enemies and move forward. It's important to note, though, that more than five years have passed since the release of the previous game, and in the world of mobile gaming, there are many new features and mechanics that PikPok can possibly add to the game.

That's all that is known about the release and development of Into the Dead 3. And although we only have a short trailer so far, judging by it, the game will no doubt be pretty exciting, and with an engaging narrative to boot. We do hope that PikPok will give us more details about the gameplay and story of their upcoming game soon.

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