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Graffiti Smash codes to claim some free gems

Graffiti Smash codes to claim some free gems
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Update: Since no new code has been released for a long time, we've decided to retire this article.

Are you curious about the latest Graffiti Smash codes? Then look no further, because today's article is all about providing you with the latest working codes for the game.

Graffiti Smash is a brilliant turn-based RPG where the player has to defeat opponents in a Brawl Stars kind of way, by using the physics-based mechanics and individual character skills in order to create powerful combos and attacks.

All of the working Graffiti Smash codes

These are all the Graffiti Smash codes currently available in the game. They are case-sensitive, so you need to type them in exactly as you see them below (without spaces). Also, you can try to claim them several times if they give you an error the first time around.

These codes are time-limited, so make sure you claim them before they expire:

  • Pref52h64mh - Rewards: 3 AP Meat, 188 Gems & 1 Gacha Ticket 
  • kgbwbn - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • yacje6 - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • 84k999 - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • ec8t2h - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • 1eqyhfd - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • YMWCTS - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • ksgr4vu - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • Newyear5np - Rewards: 50 Gems
  • g2cgzb - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • FBw3cdh - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • cfwt62 - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • kbuxu74 - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • 3x7yyq - Rewards: 30 Gems
  • SAM44zck (pre-reg code)
  • BTbn2w5q (pre-reg code)
  • HWr8pesb3z (pre-reg code)
Graffiti Smash gameplay


  • Hayzink

How to redeem codes in Graffiti Smash?

In order to redeem the codes, simply head on to the Menu (top right) and select Options. Then, you can type in your code and tap on OK. The rewards from each code will appear in your in-game mailbox shortly. Now all that is left to do is enjoy them! 

If you want more codes, make sure to stay tuned because we're doing our best to bring you fresh codes the moment they release and move the expired ones out of the way. In the meantime, you can stay strong by completing all of your quests and saving up the gacha tickets for limited units. 

Did we miss a code? You can leave us a comment and we'll make sure to update the list! 

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