[Update] GDC 2016 Round-up - Here's what you might have missed from the show

You wouldn't want to miss anything

[Update] GDC 2016 Round-up - Here's what you might have missed from the show

While San Francisco is best known for the bridge that couldn't be built, glorious waterfronts, and one of the most intimidating penitentiaries the world has ever known, all that matters there this week is GDC.

Developers, publishers, and journalists the world over come to celebrate the video games industry in a variety of wonderful ways, and we're right in the thick of it.

We've got cool words and videos aplenty to share from the show floor. We've even put them together in one place for your ease and convenience. Keep checking back for all your GDC needs.

Perhaps the biggest story out of GDC is that Playstation VR now has a release window and a price. Coming later this year, we've got all the details on the specs, and where you can pre-order your headset.

We've also got plenty of games coverage, and to kick it off, Mark tried out Ron 'Monkey Island' Gilbert's return to adventure games, Thimbleweed Park.

Due for release later this year, this is shaping up to be a real love letter to point and click games of old.

Mark also got to spend some time with Halfbrick and tried out its upcoming retro platformer, Dan the Man. With upgradeable attacks, a full campaign, and plenty of brawling, this F2P hybrid is a real departure from Jetpack Joyride.

It's already in soft launch in some territories for Android, and is scheduled for a full release later this year.

Meanwhile, Glen spoke to Ninja Kiwi about the wackily titled Bloons Supermonkey 2.

Based on a web game which was based on Dreamcast shooter Ikaruga, this balloon popping, bullet hell RPG encourages high-score madness with a squad of super-hero monkeys. This one is coming really soon.

Ninja Kiwi has also been working on Tower Keepers - an upcoming F2P squad-battler - which lets you craft equipment, collect skills, and earn rewards.

There's a massive single-player campaign built in, and a wealth of PVP options. It's all sounding pretty great, and is also due for release very soon.

Everyone knows Katamari, and Tap My Katamari - due for release later this year - is everything you'd expect, and a little bit more besides.

With trading options, unlockables, and a wealth of customisation, this seems to be a really authentic experience built from the ground-up for mobile.

Endless runner, Dash Masters is coming out very soon for Android and iOS. The game sees players run away from a deadly laser while collecting coins in order to earn the highest possible score.

You can also fight with enemies, and take advantage of some nice boost options. Keep your eagle-eyes on the AppStore. You won't have long to wait for this one.

On the video side of things, Alysia managed to get exclusive gameplay footage of Iron Marines, the long-awaited follow up to Kingdom Rush from Ironhide Game Studios.

This Sci-Fi RTS focuses on the development of fortifications and upgrades, and has been designed with a touch-screen interface in mind. It looks absolutely fantastic, so make sure you check it out in full.

There's a strong VR presence at GDC this year, and among the main titles is Battlezone.

After spending lots of time blowing other robot tanks to smithereens, we believe that among all developers working with VR, Rebellion has an enviable mastery of how this new technology works.

Mark also got the chance to check out the sequel to The Sandbox. What he found is that The Sandbox 2 is bigger, and there's way more of it.

With over 150 elements, and the ability to make your own games, it's going to be a very long wait until the Summer.

Watch out World of Tanks Blitz, because Infinite Tanks has got a few neat tricks up its sleeve. Coming soon for iOS, this fast-paced battler still has plenty of strategic layers, but makes the entire matchmaking experience much more twitchy.

With an infinite number of tanks available, this premium release could really shake up online gaming in the mobile space when it releases in the summer.

Minecraft was shown off on Gear VR at GDC, which is a massive boost for the platform. Read Simon's impressions here, as well as some thoughts from John Carmack.

We also got to see a new game from Winko Games. It only has a placeholder title of Forge at the moment, but the concept seems extremely impressive as it takes inspiration from both Clash of Clans and Walking War Robots.

We've previously played Transformers Earth Wars but took the time to check it out again at GDC.

Aliens are rife in Loud on Planet X.As are indie bands. This rhythm-em-up has a lot of similarities to Plants vs Zombies as band members try to defend their stage from the otherworldly hordes. It looks pretty cute, and seems lots of fun.

Big Indie Pitch Runner Up Shop Heroes Golds getting a relaunch this Easter, and Cloudcade showed us a new PVP mode which lets you compete with other store owners.

There's also an Android mode in development which you can read all about from our GDC coverage.

Disney could put its name to anything and it'd sell a ton, but when you're combining it with something like Crossy Road, you know Hipster Whale could be onto something special.

Read all about the announcement of Disney Crossy Road due for release next week.

This time last year, we speculated that Oddworld New n Tasty may get a mobile release after seeing it run on an nVidia Shield. One year later we were proven right, and even got to play it on the showfloor. Read all about it here.

Mobile VR just got a massive boost as Minecraft: Pocket Edition was revealed for Gear VR. But how did it play? Read our in-depth preview from the show floor.

AppSpy have had an incredibly busy GDC, producing videos galore. This is a preview of the latest from Kiloo - the developers of Subway Surfers - and is called Spellbinders.

Based on the best-selling Warhammer 40k book, Eisenhorn: Xenos has become the first of its kind to be converted into a mobile game. It's also pretty fun.

We first revealed that Super Stickman Golf 3 was releasing at GDC last year. Now we've got to play it in full on the show floor and everything appears to be in full-swing.

F2P Strategy game, Stronghold Kingdoms has been a while in development, but we've seen some more of the game in action and it's definitely coming together quite nicely. See more from the PVP battler right here.

Made by Noodlecake, Chameleon Run is an endless runner with a twist. Not only is there a level structure, vibrant colours, and a unique 3D perspective, the developer is colour blind. Watch our video preview here.

We first saw the beautiful Blyss back at PGC Bangalore last year. Now it's made it out to GDC16, but what's changed? Find out here.

It wouldn't be GDC without The Big Indie Pitch, and this year developers the world over knocked it out of the park. In third place came That Selfie Game which looks like crazy party fun. Read about it here, and watch Alysia try some unique poses in the video preview.

In second place came VR gem, Swing Stars. This swingy platformer really caught us by surprise with its sense of momentum and gradual introduction of mechanics. This could be a real VR sleeper hit when it releases. For now, you can read more about it here.

And the winner of The Big Indie Pitch was Hidden Folk, the craziest game of Where's Wally you'll ever play. It's completely suited to touch-gestures, a great fit for mobile, and has real infectious charm. A deserved winner, read more about it here and watch our video preview to see it in action for yourself.