GDC 2016: Make your own games (and worlds and pixel art) in The Sandbox 2

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GDC 2016: Make your own games (and worlds and pixel art) in The Sandbox 2
| The Sandbox 2
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All you need to know about The Sandbox 2 is that it's everything you liked about The Sandbox - but bigger, and there's way more of it.

Once again it's a game where you can sprinkle elements - like dirt, water, ice, lava, and cows - by tickling the touchscreen with your finger. From here, tiny self-sufficient worlds bubble up.

That basically makes you God. And, like God, you can destroy everything and wipe out life with a careless tap of the finger.

This time around the resolution is far higher with prettier textures and way more detailed sprites. Plus, the worlds can be as much as 10x bigger than the tiny universes in the first game.

Sandbox 2

This sequel ships with 150 elements (including pretty much everything from The Sandbox's many many updates) - and that extends to all sorts of circuitry and components to make mini mechanisms.

The main new feature in this sequel is the ability to make your own games, Super Mario Maker-style. A new group of elements lets you drop down platforms, coins, enemies, goals, and player characters.

Now you can build a small platforming gauntlet, and save it to the online gallery for other players to try and finish. Plus, you can upload all your pixel art paintings of cats and stuff. Go for it. You do you.

The Sandbox 2 is out this summer for iOS and Android as a free to play game. You can try and get in on the beta here.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer