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Fortnite: All you need to know about the Drum Gun

Fortnite: All you need to know about the Drum Gun

As we all know, Fortnite is a sensational battle royale game, which has fascinated gamers worldwide with its addictive gameplay and unique weapons. Among the many interesting weapons in Fortnite, the Drum Gun stands out for its amazing capabilities such as fast firing power and close range. This Drum Gun is also famous for its high damage power, rapid fire rate, and humongous magazine size. In this article, we will be providing all the essential details about the Drum Gun in Fortnite. Equip yourself with information on the famous Drum Gun and prepare for fierce and action-packed combat!

Introducing the Drum Gun in Fortnite

The Drum Gun is an assault rifle that combines the rapid fire of your usual SMGs with the great force of a drum magazine. It made its grand entrance into Season 4. Its arrival shook the game's foundations, changing strategies and turning the course of battles. The Drum Gun right away got infamous among the player base due to its unique design, the size of the drum and raw firepower. This gun is a ‘hitscan’ weapon which does not support First Shot Accuracy and always fires a random spread of rounds, which thrives with continuous firing.

Drum gun in Fortnite

Players can gear up with the drum gun, a fully automatic, multi-capacitive weapon that fires rapidly and is built for dealing with short-range enemies. It works best in close range, dealing high damage like an SMG, but its accuracy drops at a longer range, making it less efficient for enemies that are far away. Use this gun like an SMG (Submachine Gun) and unleash its power in heart-pounding and thrilling battles. However, the Drum Gun is not accessible for use now. Perhaps, all Fortnite players will see this rifle in future patches.

Is Drum Gun an SMG or Assault Rifle?

The Drum Gun in Fortnite Battle Royale was an Assault rifle (though before Season 9, it was an SMG). It fires Medium Bullets which have a headshot multiplier of x1.5 (dealing 31/33/36/37 head damage). Initially, it was present in Uncommon and Rare rarities. It first appeared in Chapter 2 Season 2 as a new Mythic variant known as Midas' Drum Gun. It is now called Jules' Drum Gun, also Mythic rarity, in chapter 2 Season 3. The Midas' Drum Gun and Jules' Drum Gun had different stats. This was very likely made to equalize both the Drum Guns out, as Midas’ Drum Gun was very powerful.
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When was the Drum Gun invented?

Drum Gun was introduced in Fortnite on 30th June 2018 during Season 4 of the game. It became very popular in the battle royale mode, which was the weekly content update at the time. This gun is also known as ‘Tommy Gun’. Moreover, Drum Gun was the winner of the ‘The Unvaulting Event’. The gun has a spectacular finisher which triggers when you eliminate an opponent with the Drum Gun. The finisher will display as "eliminated with a rifle" in the ending, which supports the assault weapon categorization.

Shooting at a target dummy with a Drum gun

Drum Gun: Powerful Weapon for Epic Battles

The Drum gun deals 21 to 22 Damage per shot (168 to 176 Damage per second). It ensures a relentless stream of bullets, constantly barraging the enemies. They have a 1.5X headshot multiplier and make use of Medium Ammo (Fortnite Medium Bullets). The hyped Drum Gun's got your back with 50 rounds in the magazine, so there are only a few reloads to worry about! But remember, it sacrifices a bit of accuracy and has some recoil impact. Ready to rock 'n' roll?

Versatility in Combat: The Drum Gun stands out best with its impressive versatility, excelling in both close-range and medium-range shootouts. The Drum Gun’s capability lets you tear through foes effortlessly - you can dominate the enemies with its unstoppable force.

Fortnite drum gun

Tactics and Strategies

Here are some of our personally observed tactics to make use of while wielding the Drum Gun:

  • Close-Range Dominance: In close-range fights, the Drum Gun shines brightly and keeps firing continuously with high precision, constantly exerting high pressure on opponents. Use building structures smartly to gain an advantage. Show them no mercy!
  • Resource Management: Due to its rapid fire and large magazine size, ammunition can be spent quickly. Keep an eye on your reserves and have backup weapons in hand when required. Be ready for any situation.
  • Recoil Control: Mastering recoil control is crucial with this gun. Practice more short bursts and control movement to maintain accuracy when using the Drum Gun.

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