Fortnite releases new collaboration event with Futurama in v25.20 update

Fortnite releases new collaboration event with Futurama in v25.20 update

Epic Games has just dropped a new content update for Fortnite and this one takes players straight to the 31st century, as an exciting collaboration with Futurama kicks off. Players will find loads of themed stuff all over the Island, coming in hot straight from New New York. Other additions also include some gunplay changes and a couple more augments.

No collaboration in Fortnite is complete with themed outfits and the Futurama one doesn’t miss out in that regard either. Players can get their hands on not one but three iconic characters from the series, including accessories required to complete the set.

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First up is Bender Bending Rodriguez with the Universe 1 Blender alt style and the Ben Rodriguez Back Bling. Then there’s Philip J. Fry with the Universe 1 alt style and Hypnotad Back Bling, and Turanga Leele, her alt style, alongside the Nibbler Back Bling.

All of them also have their own pickaxes, the Unbendable Girder, Giant Nutcracker, and the Solid Gold Fiddle, all of which are available separately in the Item Shop. Finally, the entire set can be completed with the Planet Express Ship Glider and the Zoidberg Scuttle Emote.

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Also joining Fortnite v25.20 updates is Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun. It fires unlimited plasma but can overheat and stop functioning if overused. Players can find the gun on the ground or from Bender himself, of course at the cost of a few Bars.

Going back to the past, the battle royale also introduces the new Mammoth Pistol, which packs quite the punch. It is a single-shot pistol using heavy ammo, meaning a single headshot is enough to decimate the opposition.

Paired perfectly with this new weapon is the Pistol Recycle Reality Augment, using which there’s a chance that pistol shots may cost zero ammo. The other one is called Scoped Salvo and it increases the damage for scoped weapons at the cost of their fire rate.

Download Fortnite now for free from the official website and get those Futurama outfits.

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