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Is the Scar still a viable weapon in Fortnite?

Is the Scar still a viable weapon in Fortnite?

The Scar, which is also known as the Assault Rifle, is one of the guns that has been around in Fortnite since the earliest seasons. It’s arguably one of the most versatile weapons you can use to pop heads, considering that it excels in close and long-range combat. But with the introduction of a wide variety of new weapons, is the Scar still a viable weapon in Fortnite? We’ll go over everything you need to know about this gun and its current state in the game.

About the Scar in Fortnite

Scar weapon in Fortnite

In the ‘OG’ Fortnite days, the Scar is a fully automatic, medium-ranged Assault Rifle with a relatively high fire rate. Despite its bloom, it’s still a weapon capable of dealing a considerable amount of damage, provided that you spray your shots. It can also be used in both close and long-range combat, hence why it’s known as one of the best all-rounder weapons.

However, the Scar that we have right now in Chapter 4 Season 2 is slightly different from the early version of Scar. The weapon that was once known to tear through enemies mercilessly has been adjusted with the purpose to make it more balanced.

The changes are not entirely harmful to the point that the weapon is somewhat unusable. Still, the fire rate is now slower, and many players also noticed that the bloom is slightly worse than before. So, the ultimate question remains: is it still viable regardless of that?

Is Scar still a good weapon in Fortnite?

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The Scar is still a viable weapon in Fortnite, but there are more competitive weapons in the game. For now, the better options are the Unvaulted Submachine Gun and the Havoc Pump Shotgun. Having these two weapons can make up for the lack of consistency of Scar and will allow you to easily switch up your playstyle depending on your in-game situation or the number of players left.

Why? Picture this. If you’re using a Scar against someone with a shotgun inside a cramped house, you’re technically dead.

A shotgun will out-damage you in close-quarter combat before you can correctly line up your shots with the Scar. It’s even worse if you’re caught in the open against snipers. Like most Assault Rifles, the Scar suffers from damage falloff. Add the bloom to that, and you'll most likely only be able to tickle that player while they can just tap you on the head.

For those unfamiliar, the Unvaulted Submachine Gun is a fast-firing hitscan weapon. This means that your shots will be registered the moment you pull the trigger. The Scar is also a hitscan weapon, but it fires slower than the Unvaulted Submachine Gun, thus making the latter a better option. It also fires a spread of bullets randomly, which increases the more you hold the trigger.

Meanwhile, the Havoc Pump Shotgun is a high-damage, short-range shotgun that can potentially melt anyone the closer they are to you. The key to using these two weapons is first using the Havoc Pump Shotgun to break your enemy’s shield, then quickly switching to the Unvaulted Submachine Gun to finish them off. So far, this method has proven to be more viable than using a Scar at the moment.

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