Fortnite's unofficial Invincible tie-in, Doc Seismic Attacks and GDA Training, releases today

Fortnite's unofficial Invincible tie-in, Doc Seismic Attacks and GDA Training, releases today
  • The two new - unofficial - experiences add even more Invincible content to Fortnite
  • You'll be able to duke it out with Doc Seismic or hone your skills in GDA Combat Training
  • Naturally, you'll also get the chance to interact with the various characters of the Invincible-verse

Skybound's unofficial Fortnite tie-in experiences, Doc Seismic Attacks! and GDA Combat Training, are now available to play for free. Off the back of their official tie-in with Fortnite which brought new skins to the game. Skybound and developer House of How have continued to bring new content form the Invincible universe to Fortnite in the form of these two new experiences.

Doc Seismic Attacks! pits you against one of the many villains in the Invincible universe as Seismic and his underground army launch an attack on the surface world. You'll get to interact with characters from the famous comic book and animated series, like Atom Eve and Invincible himself. Meanwhile, the follow-up experience with GDA Combat Training pits players against each other in a 16-person free-for-all under the watch of Robot, another character from the series.

Invincible returns
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When this collection of experiences was first announced a few months ago, we noted what interested us most about it. Specifically, the fact that Skybound - the company which operates media for the Invincible-verse - seemingly found using the Unreal Engine for Fortnite editor so appealing. It makes us wonder whether or not this kind of high-quality, unofficial collaborations will become the norm. We've already some other companies like home-appliance store Curry's in the UK use it to their advantage.

Maybe the ease, and high fidelity of what you can create in Fortnite, is going to have this platform become something akin to Roblox in terms of big tie-ins. We'll have to wait and see.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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