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Disney Dreamlight Valley: guide to getting started with A Rift in Time Act II

Disney Dreamlight Valley: guide to getting started with  A Rift in Time Act II

Build a new sidekick for Gaston and cure Rapunzel's sore throat.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley recently launched Act II of its A Rift in Time expansion. A Rift in Time: Act II The Spark of Imagination introduces the Sunken ruins location and new friend, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. After thwarting Jafar's evil plot, you're ready to unlock the Sunken Ruins.

Talk to Merlin to start The Sunken Ruins quest. He'll task you with collecting 11 Flickers. Three can be found in the WALL-E, Monana, and Ratatouille realms, four in the Plaza, and the last four at the Eternity Isle Docks.

Speak to Merlin, follow him to the sunken ruins, and together, you'll create a bridge. Talk with Merlin and snap photos of the three challenges. Merlin tells you you'll need Rapunzel, Gaston and Eve to help you open a trap door. Thus, you’ll begin the A Bit of Help From Your Friends quest.


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Hero Pose Quest

To complete this quest, you must first complete Hero Pose, All the Right Notes and Does Not Compute. Speak to Gaston. He’ll agree to stand on the pedestal but wants a Golden Omelet first. Read the recipe, enter the Cave of Wonders and find the ingredients by digging up small treasure piles.

Brunette female player character in pants and a varsity style jacket holding a shovel near a small pile of gold

Cook the Golden Omelet and present it to Gaston, who will then point out there are two pedestals, so he’ll need a sidekick. Craft 5 bronze ingots and collect 3 Jade, a Bumblestone, an Alexandrite and a Spinel. You’ll also need to grab paint from Rapunzel’s tower. Head to a crafting station to create a Shiny LeFou, which you can give to Gaston to finish the quest.

All the Right Notes Quest

Ratatouille standing on a stove next to a bowl of Mother Gothel's Soup Rapunzel has a sore throat and needs to get Mother Gothel’s recipe from her tower. Read the recipe, then head back to Rapunzel. Dig up the two purple seeds in the Promenade and plant them. After twenty minutes harvest the plants. Then gather two Majestea, and one paprika, yam, turnip and agave and prepare the soup and tea. Give them to Rapunzel, wait five minutes, then talk to Rapunzel.

Does Not Compute

Eve requires an Ancient Processor to use the terminal. She gives you a map showing where to find the ingredients and which tool to use: Ancient Dictionary – mine rocks at Gaston’s camp Ancient Power Shere – dig the sparkly dirt on the island past the sundial Ancient Processor Crystal – Dig the sparkling dirt at the beach with the first-time bending table Ancient Slate – Fish the golden bubbles at the beach past the Overlook Ancient Processor Blueprint- Use your hourglass in the room beneath the waterfall

A map of Eternity Isle showing the locations of the supplies needed to craft the Ancient Processor.

With all the parts collected, craft the processor, then Talk to Eve. Unfortunately, it isn't compatible, so you need to make an adaptor. Inside Eve's house, take photos of the glassy globe chandelier, the hologram by her bed, and the specimen table. Next, make sure you have 15 copper, 15 Plastic Scarp, 10 Oasis Glass, 3 Mechanical Parts, and 2 Brass Ingots. Then, craft the adapter and give it to Eve.

Return to The Sunken Ruins

Return to the Sunken Ruins and Speak with Rapunzel, Eve and Gaston, then meet Eve in the North Chamber. Talk to Eve. She informs you that the terminal needs power. Look for and mine rock piles with blue power cores embedded in them. Then, place them in the slots near the terminal and step on the pressure plate in front of the middle power core.

Brunette player character in a mini Mouse dress standing next to a pile of rocks. Embedded in the rocks is a blue power core

Talk to Eve, then talk to Gaston. He’ll upgrade your pickaxe and tell you to clear the rubble from the room. Clear the rubble and Gaston will step on the platform. Talk to him and he’ll give you the Shiny LeFou you crafted earlier. Place it on one of the sidekick pedestals and stand on the remaining one.

Open the Trapdoor

Next talk to Rapunzel. Clear some rubble to uncover a clue showing the musical notes' order. Use the clue to align the notes, or use the photo below as a guide. Step on the pressure plate in the left corner then talk to Rapunzel. Finally, stand on the last pressure plate in the center room by the trapdoor.

Brunette female player character in a mini mouse dress standing in front of musical notes on a wall.

Hopefully, the guide helped you get started on Act II. You may also want to check out our Disney Dreamlight Valley tips for beginners or our Guide to the Monsters Inc. realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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