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Guide to the Monsters Inc. realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Guide to the Monsters Inc. realm in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Learn how to get Mike and Sulley to Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley has released a new realm for you to explore. In the Monsters Inc. realm, you'll meet Mike and Sulley, explore the Laugh Floor and learn about making kids chuckle. The new realm also adds new monster skin tones to the game. Continue reading to learn how to get Mike and Sulley to join you in Dreamlight Valley.

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Disguise Yourself

After entering the Monster Inc. realm, you'll find yourself outside the Laugh Floor and begin the Escape Claws quest. Upon approaching the doors, you learn you won't be able to get through without a monster disguise.

Monster Disguise in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Head to the storage cabinet in the corner of the room to collect a Monster's Inc. hat and two sets of bat wings. Equip the hat and one set of wings. You can also change your skin tone to one of the new colourful monster skin tones. You can now enter the Laugh Floor.

Talk to Sulley

Talk to Sulley and he’ll task you with cleaning up trash and slime left over from a recent party. Use your watering can to get rid of the slime and crush the garbage by interacting with it. Return to Sulley, and he'll task you with making coffee for him and Mike. To create Sulley's strong coffee, use five bags of coffee. To make the Wazowski Special for Mike, use one cream, coffee, and three sugars. You can collect ingredients in the previous room, where you'll also find a coffee machine. Wazowski special

Save Mike

Bring the coffee to Mike, after which a short cutscene will play. Mike goes through a door only for the power to short out, trapping him in the human world. Sulley will ask you to locate the emergency manual. You can find the manual on a desk two rows back. After browsing the manual, Sulley asks you to find new fuses to replace the broken ones, after which he wants you to check the powerlines.

Looking for fuses in the dark office

One fuse is on a red tool cabinet in the far-left corner of the room. The second fuse is on the desk next to the corner where you found the first one. Finally, the last fuse is on the desk closest to the reception area. Transfer the new fuses to the electrical panel, then follow the cords protruding from the panel and connect each disconnected section.

You’ll also need to plug two cables into the wall. Upon plugging in the last cord, a cutscene will play and Mike will return. Talk to Sulley, reveal you're actually a human, and invite him to Dreamlight Valley. Sulley agrees to come if you can convince Mike to join him. This concludes the Escape Claws quest and starts the Eye on the Prize quest. Fixing electrical panel

Eye on the Prize Quest

Talk to Mike, and he'll tell you he would love a vacation but can't leave until he sets an unbreakable jokester record. Mike asks you to get keycards from reception. Unfortunately, the door is locked. Head to the corner where you found the first fuse and open the tool chest to get the Monsters Inc Facilities Team toolkit. Go back to reception and use the toolkit on the door to unlock it. Head to the reception desk and grab the keycards. Give the keycards to Mike, and a cutscene will play, and doors will appear on the laugh floor.

Looking for clues in kids room

Mike asks about the files for each keycard. However, the files are missing, so you'll need to make new ones by entering each room while the child is away and learning what makes them laugh. Enter the red door and examine the drawing of an elephant. Open the curtains to inspect a drawing of a ringmaster’s hat, then inspect the circus clown drawing by the dresser. Talk to Mike.

Collect Sodas

Next, enter the blue door and take photos of the bookshelf, stars on the ceiling, and the space poster. Return and tell Mike the kid likes outer space. Behind the green door, clean up the dirty clothes to find a whoopie cushion. Mike decides he can make the kid laugh with a big burp.

Breaking glass of green vending machine in Dreamlight Valley

In the reception area, open the red vending machine and take the red soda. Flip the blue light switch in the corner, open the blue vending machine and grab the blue soda. Finally, smash the glass on the green vending machine behind the reception door to get the green soda.

Give them to Mike, and he'll beat his laugh record. Then, return to the valley, place and construct Mike and Sulley’s apartments, and welcome Sulley to Dreamlight Valley. Head back to Monsters Inc., take a selfie with Mike and welcome him to the valley as well.

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