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Disney Dreamlight Valley's Eternity Isle walkthrough

Disney Dreamlight Valley's Eternity Isle walkthrough

Find the Royal Hourglass and restore Eternity Isle to its former glory.

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Recently, Disney Dreamlight Valley launched its new expansion, A Rift in Time, adding a brand-new realm, Eternity Isle, to the game. To access this new realm, you'll first need to complete The Port of Many Worlds quest, which you can get from Merlin. You must also begin Jafar’s The Secrets of Eternity Isle quest.

After purchasing the expansion - or if you’re playing the Apple Arcade version where the A Rift in Time expansion is free, once you progress far enough with Merlin’s quests - you’ll see a special cutscene featuring Jafar the next time you launch the game. On Eternity Isle, you'll have dealings with Jafar, meet WALL-E's girlfriend, Eve, and gain access to many new recipes, critters and quests.

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Understanding Mist

Like Dreamlight Valley, Eternity Isle features various regions you’ll need to unlock. Instead of using Dreamlight to unlock regions on Eternity Isle, you'll use Mist. Mist can be obtained by completing Mist Duties and Eternity Isle Duties. You can view these tasks in the Dreamlight menu. You can quickly accumulate Mist by focusing on your Mist Duties, which are similar to your Dreamlight Duties.

Finishing Up The Secrets of Eternity Isle

To get the most out of Eternity Isle, you'll need to find the Royal Hourglass and to do so, you'll have to complete The Secrets of Eternity Isle and The Flying Metal Nuisance quests.

Once on the island, speak to the Jafar hologram. Jafar will tell you to find the Ancient Sphere pieces. One is buried near Scrooge's store near the dock where you arrived. The second piece is located near a large tree by the Ancient Gate.

Use a crafting station to fix the Ancient Sphere and place it on the pedestal next to the gate. You’ll then be able to go through the gate and explore the courtyard. Speak to the Jafar hologram near the broken bridge in the courtyard to finish the quest.

Set up Goofy’s Stall

When you first arrive on Eternity Isle, you'll be in Ancient Landing near the docks. It’s good to start the Give Me A Sign quest to build Goofy’s Stall as soon as possible. To start the quest, pick up the broken stall sign. You’ll then need to collect 25 copper and 12 plastic scraps. Go fishing in water without ripples to collect the plastic scraps. As for the copper, it can be found in rocks all around the docks and the courtyard. Once you have the required materials, Scrooge will set up the stall for free. You'll still have to pay for the upgrades, though.

The Flying Metal Nuisance

Next, Jafar tasks you with retrieving the Royal Hourglass. Unfortunately, Eve is guarding the Hourglass. Head to the beach near the docks and speak with Eve, who refuses to give you the Hourglass. Next, you should talk to Jafar, who will suggest you gain Eve's trust.

Return to the beach where you found Eve and search her home for clues. After removing some piles of junk, you'll uncover a photograph. Go back to Jafar, who tells you to find the location shown in the photo. Near the bridge to the beach, you’ll see a large waterfall. There’s a path behind the waterfall, but you'll need to mine some copper to get by. Once inside, you'll see you’re at the location from the photograph. Retrieve the robot costume from the nearby trunk and put it on.

Best Fish Forever

Speak to Eve. She asks you to prove you’re her old friend by making the meal shown in the photo. You’ll need cumin, celery, a snail and a robot fish. Harvest the white plants growing around Eternity Isle to get cumin. You can purchase celery from Goofy after fixing up his stall near the docks in Ancient Landing. Robot fish can be found near the docks by fishing reddish-gold bubbles. You can snag a snail by aiming your fishing rod at blue bubbles. Once you’ve got your ingredients, cook the meal and give it to Eve. She will now let you take the Royal Hourglass.

The Sands in the Hourglass Quest

You now have the Royal Hourglass. Unfortunately, you’ll learn after talking with Jafar that it's not at full power. Apparently, long ago, you decided the Hourglass was too powerful and removed the three Jewels of Time. You’ll now begin The Sands in the Hourglass quest.

In its current state, the Hourglass is strong enough to remove small Swirling Sands. Head to the path blocked by swirling sands in the courtyard and remove them to reach the Secluded Beach. Speak with Jafar at the Secluded Beach. He'll tell you to use the Hourglass to find the missing Ancient Statue Fragments.

Follow the Arch of Sand

Tap the hourglass button when you’re not right in front of Swirling Sands and you’ll see an arch of light appear near your head. Follow the direction the arch is facing. If it's blue, you’re far; yellow means you're getting close, and orange means you're nearly on top of it. One fragment is near a tree by the broken wall at the Secluded beach, while the other is near the altar.

When prompted, tap the Hourglass repeatedly to secure the Ancient Statue Fragment. After finding the fragments and using them to repair the statue, you'll need to use your Hourglass to find three Ancient Plates. The first plate is in the courtyard near the path to the Secluded Beach. The second plate can be found near the well in Ancient Landing, while the third is near Eve's house on the beach. Bring the Ancient Plates back to the secluded beach and speak with Jafar.

Timebending Table

He'll inform you that to fix the Hourglass, you'll need to use a Timebending Table instead of a crafting station. It turns out that’s what the altar on the Secluded beach is. Use the Detailed Statue-Repair Instructions Jafar gives you, then use the Timebending table to craft arms for the broken statue. Interact with the statue to give it new arms and you'll receive one of the Jewels of time.

Return to the courtyard and speak to the Jafar Hologram near the broken bridge. You can now reverse time with the Hourglass to repair the bridge. Interact with the bridge and talk with Merlin. You'll need to have 2000 Mist to fix the bridge, allowing you to explore the Glittering Dunes and the Wild Tangle.

New Cute Critters

Eternity Isle introduces three new critters for you to feed and collect: Cobras, Capybaras, and Monkeys. Found in the Glittering Dunes, Cobras are skittish creatures. To approach a Cobra, wait for its head to dip down and stop moving when it jerks its head up. Make sure you purchase eggs from Remi's restaurant first, as Cobras love them.

Capybaras are far more sociable, so you can just run right up to them. You’ll find Capybaras in the Wild Tangle. Cabbage is the capybara's favourite food.

You'll find monkeys in Ancient Landing. Monkeys have a more refined palate. They enjoy any three-star or above meal. However, their favourite meal is the Banana Split, a 5-star dish. To make a Banana Split, you'll need bananas, sugar, milk, and slush ice. To get slush ice, get your friendship with Remi to level ten and complete The Unknown Flavor quest.

That's the whole walkthrough for Eternity Isle. There are also Disney Dreamlight Valley tips for beginners that we have prepared, which can be very useful for new players.

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