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Disney Dreamlight Valley tips for beginners

Disney Dreamlight Valley tips for beginners

Follow these tips to thrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is an enticing casual adventure game where you befriend iconic Disney characters while restoring the Valley to its former glory. You’ll complete quests for various characters such as Goofy, Mickey, Elsa, Vannillope and Scrooge McDuck. Unlock new realms to recruit more Disney characters to join you in Dreamlight Valley as you fish, garden, cook fun recipes and mine stones and gems.

Night thorns have sprouted up all over Dreamlight Valley and many beloved Disney characters have disappeared. Luckily, you've arrived to save Dreamlight Valley from the Forgetting. With magical tools at your disposal, you'll embark on a journey to restore the Valley aiding your Disney companions along the way.

As evident by the rating we gave the game in our review, Disney Dreamlight Valley is an extremely engaging title. However, to get off to the best start possible, there are some tips you'll want to take advantage of. In this guide, we cover how to best earn star coins, which realms to unlock first and other essential Dreamlight Valley tips to give you an edge in-game.


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Unlock the Four Magic Royal Tools

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a beautiful game, and you may be tempted to explore the beautiful Valley and interact with characters like Goofy upon launching the game. However, you should find the four royal tools - the shovel, pickaxe, watering can and fishing rod - as soon as possible. These tools are essential to completing most quests and earning Dreamlight, which you’ll need to unlock new areas and realms. Once you have the four Royal tools, you can garden, fish and mine, which are some of the game's main activities.

Make a Garden

Once you've acquired the watering can and shovel, you can garden. You can dig holes practically anywhere. However, it’s best to create a designated garden to keep track of all your budding plants. If you plant vegetables and herbs sporadically around the map, they'll be a lot harder to keep track of.

Not only does it look nicer, but it also makes sure that you can quickly plant seeds or harvest plants by holding down the button when holes are connected. This will save you some time and keep gardening from feeling tedious. We suggest building a garden by your home in Dreamlight Valley, as you'll make frequent stops there.

Realms to Unlock First

After unlocking the Dream Castle, you can unlock realms from Disney films. To access a new realm, you'll need Dreamlight, with different realms having different costs. At first, you'll have the option to unlock Moana’s Island, Remi’s Kitchen, or Wall-E's home. While you may prefer Moana or Wall-E to Ratatouille, it's best to unlock Remi’s Kitchen first.

You can experiment with various ingredients in Remi's Kitchen to learn new recipes. Once you complete Remi's quests and build his home in Dreamlight Valley, you can open his restaurant, Chez Remi. Not only can you cook at the restaurant, but you can also fill characters' orders, giving you friendship experience. Additionally, you'll be able to buy ingredients you can't grow, like milk, eggs, cheese and butter from the restaurant.

After unlocking Remi’s Kitchen, you should aim for Moana’s Island. You can get a pickaxe upgrade from Maui, allowing you to mine tougher rocks. Next, save up your Dreamlight and unlock the Frozen realm. After convincing Anna to come to the Valley, you can complete a quest for her, which rewards you with a shovel upgrade. Then, persuade Elsa to join the village and complete a simple quest to receive your second pickaxe upgrade from her.

Earn Star Coins

Star coins are Disney Dreamlight Valley's primary form of currency. Whether you want to buy a new shirt at Scrooge’s shop, add a room to your house, or unlock a character's home, you'll need star coins and plenty of them.

One of the easiest ways to get star coins is to mine for gems. Typically, each rock you mine will drop at least one gem. You can sell any gems you collect at one of Goofy’s Stalls. Garnets are worth 160 star coins while Topaz are worth 240, and selling an Emerald will net you a whopping 325. Not only does selling gems net you a good amount of star coins, but it’s also incredibly easy to mine them. Further, rocks quickly respawn, allowing you to mine to your heart's content.

Always Have a Friend by Your Side

Befriending characters like Mickey Mouse, Mirabell, and Kristoff isn't just fun; it's integral to progressing through the game. Levelling up your friendships allows you to access new quests. Additionally, with each level up, you'll receive a reward like star coins or furniture.

While having daily discussions and gift-giving are good ways to improve your friendships, there is also a more passive way to do so that allows you to continue to focus on your current goal or quest. Go up to a Disney friend and ask them to hang out. The character will then follow you and as you complete tasks like fishing and mining, you’ll gain friendship experience.

Dreamlight Duties

You’ll need Dreamlight to clear the path to new parts of the Valley and unlock new realms. By interacting with a well or via the game's menu, you can view all the tasks you can complete to gain Dreamlight. You can complete many of these tasks just by exploring and completing quests.

There are a variety of Dreamlight tasks to complete across distinct categories such as Fishing, Cooking and Friendship. However, the best ones to focus on are the tasks under the Dreamlight Duties tab. These tend to be relatively simple, like selling five fruits or adding a few decorations to a specific area. While other tasks may offer more Dreamlight, considering the simplicity of the tasks, the payout for Dreamlight Duties is pretty good. Additionally, each time you complete a Dreamlight Duty, it's replaced with a new one, so you'll always have six to choose from.

Upgrade Goofy’s Stalls

You can buy fruits, vegetables and seeds at Goofy’s Stalls, found throughout Dreamlight Valley. You'll need to part with some star coins to unlock these stalls. Every stall has two upgrades, and while it costs some coins, getting each stall fully upgraded plays to your advantage. Each of Goofy’s Stalls sells different seeds and plants depending on its location. So, upgrading each stall as quickly as possible grants you access to a wider variety of ingredients. Additionally, Goofy’s Stalls are the only locations where you can sell unwanted items. Eliminating the need to trek back to the central Valley every time your inventory is bursting at the seams, just to sell a few trinkets, is also a real time saver.

Final Thoughts

Even following just a few of these tips will help you advance through the game at a quicker pace. Disney Dreamlight Valley is primarily a single-player experience, so there’s no need to worry about competing with other players. Hopefully, this guide will aid you as you join the ranks of Dreamlight Valley!

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