Dead 4 Returns release date and everything we know so far

Dead 4 Returns release date and everything we know so far
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Giant Network’s Dead 4 Returns is a zombie shooter, made in the Unreal Engine 4, inspired by Left 4 Dead. This game is a massive multiplayer co-operative game, where you can take on the role of a survivor during a zombie pandemic. You are able to rescue trapped people, conquer quests, and gather weapons and equipment; like you would in any zombie survival-type game.

Dead 4 Returns aims to have a worldview storyline, lots of strategic, tactical planning, and face reactions to realistic shooting, while having high-quality graphics (hence the Unreal Engine mention), being optimized for your device, and boasting a bigger map to explore. These are a lot of really good sounding words, especially if you are a fan of zombie survival! So, you might be wondering what we know about the game.

Dead 4 Returns release date

Currently, Giant Network has not released a specific date but has said that Dead 4 Returns will be released in the first half of 2022. Now, we are unsure if they are still sticking with that rough idea at the time of writing this, but fingers crossed, as that would be pretty soon.

Can I play Dead 4 Returns now?

Dead 4 Returns has quite a few players already in the game. Through the TapTap marketplace, there was a closed beta back in January, where tons of players got into the game and gave feedback, primarily around optimization. This closed beta lasted around 2 months, and only was available in South East Asia. In order to take part, you needed to have an Android device with the following qualifications: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or better, Android 5.0 or newer, and at least 4GB of storage space on your device.

The next scheduled test, showcased on their Discord Server, starts on June 2nd, for Android-based devices. In order to take part, you need to go into the official Dead 4 Returns discord and apply using the form in #announcements. You will need to know your TAPID and have a TapTap account. Your Android device will need to meet the above qualifications as well. It has not been revealed as to what areas of the world this test will be open to yet.

In this test, there is a new ranking system where players can finish missions and win prizes. Real-time voice functions will be open for players to communicate with their teammates easier, as well as the new Looking for Group tool so that players can check team recruitment information when trying to find groups. Eight new firearms and one new melee weapon have been added to this build, but you will need to get the level of Campaign, Rank and Arsenal to see it. They’ve also updated the guide within the game and added some other tweaks around reward systems.

Currently, on the TapTap marketplace, you can pre-register your interest in the Android and iOS build, depending on what country you (or your device, rather) are in. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of playing unstable test builds, you can always register your interest and be the first to know when the game is fully released.