AFK Arena introduces new Draconis Faction as part of its fifth anniversary

Transform into a dragon mid-battle

AFK Arena introduces new Draconis Faction as part of its fifth anniversary
  • The Draconis faction joins the game to aid the Lightbearer Empire
  • Draconis heroes can transform into dragons
  • Multiple events are going on now in celebration of the game's 5th anniversary

AFK Arena, the predecessor to Lilith Games's new title, AFK Journey, is celebrating its fifth anniversary with brand-new updates. The new version 1.140 update launches today alongside the new Draconis faction. Long exiled, the Draconis faction returned to offer assistance to the Lightbearer Empire.

Having revealed themselves to mortals after centuries of hiding, the Draconis accidentally stumbled upon a dark plot. This new faction features a unique Scale Manifest mechanism that lets heroes transform into gorgeous dragon forms in combat. The game's developer has released a new trailer that offers up a sneak peek of this new faction.

Beyond the new faction, AFK Arena is offering multiple new activities in celebration of its fifth anniversary. As part of the celebration, you can get up to 300 summons; you’ll also gain access to one Draconis hero for free. You can receive Hildwin, the Crimson Sovereign, as a birthday event reward. This mage specializes in causing area damage over time. Participate in the Winged Sojourn event to nab resources to accelerate Hildwin’s growth.

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Multiple other events are going on now within the idle RPG. Further, the “Summon the Draconis” filter is now available on TikTok. You can also participate in the DIY Dragon Egg creation workshops and sticker co-creation events on Facebook and Discord.

AFK Arena is a mobile RPG that features over 100 hero units for you to collect as you explore the world of Esperia. As the title suggests, the game features idle mechanics, allowing you to earn vast rewards while away from the game.

There are currently more than 100 million AFK Arena players worldwide. You can download the game from the App Store or Google Play and for PC via Google Play Games beta. To learn more about this enticing mobile RPG and keep up with all the latest news, follow the game on Facebook, Instagram, Discord, or X (Twitter).

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