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Chimeraland gift codes: September 2023

You can get free exclusive in-game rewards in Chimeraland using these gift codes

Chimeraland gift codes: September 2023
Updated on September 19, 2023 - Checked for new codes

Chimeraland is a brand new open-world survival MMORPG that has just landed on Android and iOS. Developer Level Infinite, has shared some gift codes that you can use to claim free in-game rewards like cowries and pet eggs. We have compiled a list of all the active Chimeraland gift codes for your convenience. 

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List of working Chimeraland gift codes

Here is a list of all working Chimeraland gift codes:
  • 1A165WRXA 
  • HAPPY2023 
  • 2023HAPPY 
  • 2022MERRYXMAS - Rewards: 1x Excellent Sigil Pack, 1x Grand Beast Pack, 1x Mount Kit 

Do note that these gift codes are time-limited and will expire after some time, so make sure to redeem them as soon as possible. Also, don't forget to bookmark this page and regularly visit to find new working Chimerland gift codes and use them at the earliest opportunity.


  • 100CELEBRATION - Rewards: 1x Excellent Sigil Pack, 1x Grand Beast Pack, 1x Mount Kit 
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR - Rewards: 1x Excellent Sigil Pack, 1x Grand Beast Pack, 1x Mount Kit
  • MERRY2021XMAS - Rewards: 1x Cowries and Pet Eggs
  • MORETO2022 - Rewards: 1x Cowries and Pet Eggs
  • DAX5JP1P 
  • 7AG7QE0M
  • 4ALYMW55
  • 4AJ455EW
  • 4AK6C0WQ
  • MAC2W05P
  • MAD62HH0
  • MAE91W4Y
  • LAU21TV1
  • LAW61AF8

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How to redeem Chimeraland gift codes?

Redeeming gift codes in Chimerland is a fairly straightforward process, but if you are new to the game, or having troubles, don't worry. Just follow these steps to redeem the gift codes:

  • Open the game and click on the menu icon at the top right side of the screen
  • Click on the settings button and find the gift code button
  • Enter any of the active Chimerland gift codes from above and click on the confirm button
  • Now go to the in-game mailbox to claim your reward

About the game

Chimerland is an open-world survival MMORPG inspired by the classic Chinese text, The Classic of Mountains and Seas. It features an open-world environment where you explore four continents spread over nine billion square feet of maps hunting and looking for treasures. It is available to download on both Android and iOS.

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