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Captain Tsubasa Ace tier list of football players

Captain Tsubasa Ace tier list of football players

Making a strong team is not a trivial task as you will have to pick the best footballers in the game, and this tier list should help you pick the right ones.

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Updated on Juy 8th, 2024 - Version:

Based on their performance, we have ranked all of the footballers in Captain Tsubasa Ace in tiers from S to B. If you are new to this game and want to know the best options for your team, here you will find all the answers!

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Based on the popular manga/anime title, Captain Tsubasa offers a more arcade approach to the traditional football games that we grew to love. If you are an older gamer (like, really old!), it will remind you of the days at the arcades, where you used to spend your coins to play games like Soccer Superstars. Of course, with modern graphics and a lot more other options.

About Captain Tsubasa Ace tier list

The following list reflects my view on the current meta. I considered several things when I came up with these rankings. Players' stats and skills are the main factors but also the available options. Currently, there are many more MF and FW players than GK for example. That said, there's no absolute tier list. If you enjoy a certain player and can perform with them, that's good enough!

With that out of the way let's get right into our Captain Tsubasa Ace tier list!

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S Tier

Footballer celebrating a goal in Captain Tsubasa Ace
Name Position Rarity
Makoto Soda DF SSR
Jun Misugi MF SSR
Masao Tachibana FW SSR
Kazuo Tachibana MF SSR
Shun Nitta FW SSR
Hanji Urabe MF SSR
Genzo Wakabayashi GK SSR
Taro Misaki MF SSR
Kaltz MF SSR
Napoleon FW SSR
Makoto Soda (JY) DF SSR
Torino DF SSR
Galvan DF SSR
Shingo Takasugi DF SR
Shinji Sanada FW SR
Tsubasa Ozora MF SSR
Ryo Ishizaki DF SSR
Ken Wakashimazu GK SSR
Kojiro Hyuga FW SSR
Takeshi Sawada MF SSR
Hikaru Matsuyama MF SSR
Hiroshi Jito DF SSR

These are the best footballers currently in Captain Tsubasa Ace, thus I've put them at the top of the tier list. I have to make a special mention to Shingo Takasugi and Shinji Sanada because even though they are only SR rarity their performance is amazing.

Tsubasa Ozora

  • Tsubasa is the total package of a midfielder as he has everything you need. His dribbling, passing, and shooting are off the charts. On top of that, his skill "Undead Wings" boosts Tsubasa's technique and dribble attributes whenever he uses a skill.

Jun Misugi

  • Great at dribbling, intercepting, and shooting, Jun Misugi is one of the very best midfielders you can have on your team. Due to his passive, Jun Misugi is arguably the best dribbling midfielder in the entire game.

Taro Misaki

  • Misaki is a midfielder who likes to push the ball up the pitch and either make the final pass or score a goal himself. "Graceful Rythm" passive is an auto-dribble skill that triggers when Misaki is facing an opponent's tackle and raises his technique for some time. Also, whenever he dribbles successfully his shot attribute gets buffed.

A Tier

Football player with number 10 on his back holding his hands up towards the goal
Name Position Rarity
Mitsuru Sano FW SSR
Taichi Nakanishi GK SR
Masao Nakayama DF SR
Koji Nishio DF SR
Mamoru Izawa MF SR
Hajime Taki FW SR

A-Tier players are certainly above average even though not at the same level as the S-Tier ones. They are solid options for your team especially if they are paired with some strong S-Tier players.

Mitsuru Sano

  • Mitsuru Sano is what we call a one-touch striker. Due to his passive "Spiritual Instant Shot", Mitsuru Sano's guaranteed goal chance will increase whenever he receives an aerial ball and uses this shot.

Mamoru Izawa

  • Mamoru is a defensive-minded midfielder. His ability "Aerial Sentinel" increases his stamina recovery whenever Mamoru wins an aerial ball.

B Tier

Two footballers from Captain Tsubasa Ace, one of them pimping the ball
Name Position Rarity
Tetsuo Ishida MF SR
Kuniaki Narita MF SR
Takeshi Kishida MF SR
Kazumasa Oda FW SR
Kazuki Sorimachi FW SR
Teppei Kisugi FW SR
Yuzo Morisaki GK SR

B-tier players are average compared to the other available options. That said, you can use some of them on your team, but they can't be the core of it. Yuzo Morisaki is the worst option when it comes to Goalkeepers and I thought about creating another tier just for him but at the end of the day I decided to put him here simply. Ishida will increase his dribble attribute for a short time every time he receives the ball up to three times. This ability makes him somewhat of a good option if you aim to recycle possessions.

So, that's all I have at the moment for our Captain Tsubasa Ace tier list. Future game updates and character releases will for sure have an impact on the meta and I will have to readjust these lists. Check back to this page if you want to get the latest meta!

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