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Blox Fruits tier list - Best devil fruits by type

Blox Fruits tier list - Best devil fruits by type

We have sorted and ranked all of the devil fruits currently available in Blox Fruits from the best ones to the worst, by their type.

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Updated on May 15th, 2024 

With over 5 billion visits and hundreds of thousands of active players online every day, Blox Fruits is arguably one of the most popular adventure experiences on the Roblox gaming platform.

The goal in this game is simple. Become the best fighter ever! There are various fighting techniques to choose from and many tough opponents to take down. All that is in a vast world that you have to explore in order to uncover its secrets. If you are a fan of PvE and working in a team environment, you'll enjoy the many raids and boss fights. If you are super competitive and you enjoy going after other players, there's always PvP going on.

Of course, in order to be the best, you need to know what you are working with. There are various devil fruits to choose from, so naturally, the question is: Which are the best that you should try to get, and which are the ones that you should avoid? Here, you'll find all the answers as we present to you the Blox Fruit tier list!

About the Fruits

There are four ways to deal damage in this game. It can be done either with a fighting style, a sword, a gun, or a Fruit. As of today in-game, there are 33 fruits in total, and they are divided into three main categories. These categories are:


Fruit users in this category become immune to damage from other styles. Only with 'Enhancement' activated can guns, swords, and fighting style damage Elemental users. There are eight fruits in this category currently in the game.


Currently, 21 fruits fall under the Natural category. What makes these unique compared to others is that they allow their users to control natural forces. Since this is the largest category, various fruits are available and a lot to discuss.


There are only 5 Beast-type fruits currently in the game. Beast type provides their users with the ability to shape-shift into a beast/animal-like creature. 
In the following pages, you will find every fruit ranked in tiers based on its overall performance with S+ tier being the highest. We've taken PvP, as well as PvE content into consideration. With all that out of the way, let's get right into it! 

Feel free to use the quick links below to check out the fruits in the tier you're interested in!

S+ Tier | S Tier | A Tier | B Tier | C Tier


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S+ Tier

  • Dough
  • Dragon
  • Leopard
  • Phoenix
  • Spirit
  • Soul
  • Venom


Even though a Natural fruit, Dough behaves as an Elemental type, and it's known as one of the best in Blox Fruits overall, especially for PvP.


Phoenix in its awakened form offers great healing, very fast flight and great overall damage. These traits make it a great choice for pretty much all kinds of content. That's why it's at the top of the Blox Fruits tier list, right?


Even though it is the most expensive one in the game, and it's not recommended for lower levels, it is easily one of the best overall fruits.


One of the latest additions, Soul, is among the most powerful ones in terms of damage. All its moves require very high mastery though.


Venom, a Paramecia-type, is another great option for grinding and PvP thanks to its poison damage. It's considered one of the very best devil fruits in the game overall.

S Tier

  • Buddha
  • Sound
  • Dark
  • Love
  • Magma


The damage reduction Buddha offers to its user once transformed is top tier. Even though it is not a great choice for PvP (non-awakened), it's amazing in raids for tank characters. In its awakened form and with the right set-up, Buddha can be one of the best devil fruits overall, and it deserves a spot high on the Blox Fruits tier list.


Dark is one of the finest devil fruits when it comes to PvP when it's awakened, especially for Gun and Sword users.


Love is a good support fruit due to its move set that provides a lot of crowd control (stun). On the other hand, it has below-average damage and the lack of ranged skills are problematic.


Magma is a great choice as a grinding devil fruit thanks to its super damage output. Rumble offers elemental immunity to its user and great crowd control skills. It lacks in terms of damage though, and it requires a high mastery level.

A Tier

  • Control
  • Light
  • Rubber
  • Mammoth
  • Rumble
  • Blizzard
  • Sand
  • Shadow
  • Spider


Control is a good choice for pretty much any type of character thanks to its great combo potential, mobility and crowd control. Its very high mastery requirements, though, make this one a bad choice at lower levels. It's also the worst when it comes to Sea Beast hunting.


Nothing travels faster than Light. So it makes sense that this fruit provides the fastest flight in the game. That said, you need to have it awakened if you want to control its speed. Overall, Light is among the very best when it comes to grinding. It's not widely used in PvP due to its aim mechanic.


In its non-awakened form, Sand is a somewhat ok choice for low-level grinding, but is considered to be a bad PvP fruit. When awakened, it offers good stuns and has a much better damage output.


In terms of overall damage output, there are not many devil fruits that can rival Shadow. All of its moves deal damage, it can heal its user and has great combo potential. On the other hand, it's not as easy to use in PvP since the user has to aim the skills, which are short (melee) range.

B Tier

  • Door
  • Flame
  • Gravity
  • Portal
  • Ice
  • Quake
  • Revive
  • String


Door is probably the very best fruit in terms of mobility, but it severely lacks damage and has no ranged moves.


Ice even after the nerfs on Ice Bird is still considered an overall decent devil fruit.


Burn damage and knockback are what make Flame a good fruit for bosses. Not top tier though when it comes to PvP or grinding.


Gravity has great range and radius, but its damage is somewhat underwhelming damage. It's a slow casting skill, making it easy to dodge.


If Quake was as effective in grinding as it is in PvP, it would probably be S tier. But, since we have to take everything into consideration when we make these lists, we cannot rank it any higher. Nevertheless, it is a very solid option and once awakened, very powerful.


String is a top-tier PvP fruit but it doesn't perform as well in other important aspects of the game especially if it's not awakened.

C Tier

  • Barrier
  • Bomb
  • Chop
  • Diamond
  • Falcon
  • Kilo
  • Paw
  • Smoke
  • Spike
  • Spin
  • Spring


Barrier is good for blocking out enemies and it provides good defense.


Chop is probably the highest fruit in this tier due to its ability to grant immunity to its users against Swords. Bosses, Ice and Light swords WILL do damage though.


The latest Beast-type fruit is also the weakest. It provides only one area of effect move, and it's really hard to land its attack. Its low damage output doesn't help much either.


Kilo is a starter fruit. It provides a fast area of effects skills and it's great against Sky users. Spring's move set is all about movement as the name suggests and it does a pretty good job at it. Especially good for sword users. That said, it provides very low damage.

Bomb, Spike

There are two fruits that are considered to be even weaker than the fruits in this tier. These are Bomb and Spike.


Diamond is a bad fruit choice for beginners due to its high mastery requirements but good for Sword mains later on as it provides good tanking skills.


Smoke is the weakest among the Elemental fruits, hence the spot at the bottom of the Blox Fruits tier list, and it could have been in a separate tier on its own. It does offer Elemental immunity though, and it demands low energy amounts. Its very low damage and mobility cannot be understated.


Paw is an overall decent PvP fruit for all characters, but especially for Swords. Above-average damage output and long range are its best traits. On the flip side, it requires high mastery and its skills are hard to hit.

That's the whole tier list for Blox Fruits. Of course, since we love Roblox titles as much as you do, you can find other similar articles like the GPO fruits tier list and Kaiju Universe tier list.

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