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Top 13 free Facebook games (you can play on mobile)

Top 13 free Facebook games (you can play on mobile)

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Updated on March 22, 2023 - re-checked the list, original article by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Artur Novichenko.

If you think back to the start of Facebook, you will probably remember all of the requests you sent to friends to request cows for Farmville, or to deliver your dishes for the cooking games. Everyone on my friend list was constantly sending me gifts or asking for items, which was just a part of the ecosystem of Facebook Gaming. Over time, Facebook gaming got less aggressive in how it advertised and mellowed on the tricks that games used to keep people engaged.

This means that your notifications aren’t full of requests to give people gifts in games that you have never played before! While this is great, and certainly makes the platform easier to use, you can still actually play a bunch of free games on Facebook Games on mobile.

There are plenty to choose from, with lots of popular games on the platform. With so many games hidden away in the Facebook Gaming portion of the app, we have hand-selected the top 13 free Facebook games that you can play on mobile right now, for you to explore and enjoy.

It is worth noting that you cannot seem actually to search for games on Facebook Gaming. Whenever you type anything into the search bar, you actually will see groups related to the name. You will, instead, need to scroll down all of the games on the screen, hoping to find some of these amazing games below. Once you have played a game, it will appear at the top in the 'play again' bar.

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a massively popular mobile game, so it makes sense that it is both on Facebook Gaming and works well on mobile. In this version of Angry Birds, you are blasting birds forward, working against another player in the game. This player and you will both be trying to destroy each other’s pigs, represented by colored hats that they are wearing. There are a few different cards to choose from so you can select the bird you are firing off, but you will need to ensure you do not destroy your own pigs! There are also reward ads and daily login bonuses!

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Roof Rails

Roof Rails is a runner-type game, where you are collecting portions of a pole. This pole is in your hands and is used to collect diamonds on the level, as it’s your hitbox. However, each level has more than just diamonds. There are saws, lava and other dangers that cut away at your pole, which then cause your pole to shrink. When you continue through most levels, you will need to use your pole to slide across rails to get further. If your pole is too short, you will fall. Having a longer pole at the end of the level will score you more points in the multiplier, and then you will see yourself on the leaderboard!

Roof Rails

Water Sort Puzzle

Water Sort Puzzle is another popular game on mobile. It’s a mobile game where you are looking to take vials of coloured liquids and sort them. These liquids are layered in various vials, but you want each vial to have just one colour. You can do this by selecting a vial and then selecting the vial you want the top colour to go into. These vials will only pour the top colour out, leaving whatever is underneath there still. It’s a simple concept, but a really fun game to play through! This game contains reward ads and you can ask friends for help if you want.

Sort Water

Poppy Playtime

Poppy Playtime is a cute, block pusher-type puzzle game where you are able to swipe around the screen to move a little dog. This dog is looking to get out of the house, so swiping around the level will cause you to move forward in that direction until you hit a wall or obstacle. You then can go in another direction! In each level, you want to collect stars to get a better star score and collect treasure chests to get more coins. At the end of the level, you can watch an ad to get more coins if you want! Over time, hazards get added into the game like dog cages and roombas, which you need to avoid, and treats like chicken appear, giving you the strength to get through the door.

Chef Merge

Chef Merge is an interesting merge game that has you trying to fulfil people’s orders with your produce. You are able to tap a food box to make various veggies appear on the screen. Each tap on this box actually costs some of your energy, which will need to refresh by waiting and leaving the game, watching reward ads or paying for in-app purchases. You can combine anything that’s the same - combining vegetables will create new vegetables and if you combine vegetables with the silhouettes, you will unlock more spaces for you to work with. You can also combine coins or XP too, to gain more of that. Vegetable boxes combined together will produce better vegetables when tapped as well. It’s an addictive and fun game.

Chef Merge


Everwing is a space shooter-type game, where instead of being in space, you are actually a fairy trying to destroy loads of flying goblins and other enemies on the screen. As you destroy creatures, gems and coins rain down, which will then allow you to upgrade your fairy when you do get caught out by the enemies on the screen. As you move further in the sky, you will start to fight against bosses, which have different bullet spray patterns, pick up temporary power-ups, and avoid enemies who cannot be destroyed. The bullet hell aspect of the game is really fun!


Ultimate Glory

Ultimate Glory is one of those base building, strategy games where you are looking to build up your fortress, then wait while the timers tick down, and join back to see what has been completed. You can train your soldiers, attack other fortresses, and complete loads of goals to become a bigger and well-maintained kingdom. Recruiting different heroes can really make a difference when it comes to fighting other armies, as can a well-maintained kingdom. The game does start off slow, but over time it can be fun to build up your kingdom.

Ultimate Glory

Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile Legends: Adventure is a great RPG game where you have to create your team and explore an incredible world full of adventures. The game has cute anime graphics and pretty good soundtracks, which complement the fantastic atmosphere of the game. Also, this is an online game, so you are able to play together with your friends. You can create your guild and compete with other players. If you are an anime fan, make sure to check our list of the best Anime mobile games.

Mystery Manor

Mystery Manor is a hidden object game with a bit of a story. A detective cat is guiding you through the game, helping you figure out what to do next. Each main level works like a traditional hidden object game, with a few words or silhouettes at the bottom of the screen which tell what you want to look for. You need to then select these items in the picture, avoiding hitting the wrong thing, to get rewards at the end. You can use a variety of different hints to find items you cannot find, and at the end of levels, you often get items you can use in the story of artefacts that are important to what is going on. The graphic style is quite nice and it’s a polished hidden object game.

Mystery Manor: Hidden Object

Duck Hunter

Do you remember Duck Hunt on the NES as a kid? Well, Facebook Gaming has Duck Hunter, which is basically the same game with some newer graphics, on your mobile device. There are a set number of rounds, where ducks will appear and fly out. You will get points based on how quickly you hunt them down. They will only fly on the screen for a few seconds, before flying off, so you need to be quick! Each duck also only has three bullets to try against them, otherwise, they will leave - so your bullets need to count. You will get more points for being quick or getting a challenging shot. It’s a very nostalgic game.

Candy Match

Candy Match is another popular Facebook game. You can play it both online and offline. Also, it has cute graphics and fantastic soundtracks. The gameplay is simple but pretty attractive. The sweets appear on the screen, and you have to move candies in any direction to create sets of three or more identical candies. The game has many levels, and to move from one to another, you have to get three tickets. You have to buy those three tickets, or your friends who play Candy Match can give them to you.

8 Ball Pool

Do you like billiards? If so, 8 Ball Pool is definitely one of the best digital billiard games on Facebook that you should try. Train, improve your skills and compete with opponents from all over the world. Also, you are able to take part in different tournaments. In each one-on-one match, the winner receives game coins. You can use them to get to higher-level matches and buy new items in the game shop. And while you are here, make sure to check our list of the the best free games to play on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.

Words With Friends

If you are looking for a competitive puzzle game on Facebook to play together with your friends, the next project on the list is one of the best options. Words With Friends is a puzzle game developed by Zynga, a company known for its fantastic games. The gameplay is simple but requires concentration because you will have to form words from letters on the screen. The most interesting thing about this game is multiplayer, where you can play against your friends. And if you are looking for similar games, make sure to check our lists of best puzzle games for Android and iOS.

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