After a long wait and speculations, EA finally released some information regarding their upcoming FPS mobile game, Battlefield Mobile. Last week, EA announced that Battlefield Mobile will be undergoing a test phase in the Philippines and Indonesia in Autumn.

As soon as the news surfaced on the internet, tons of questions were being asked by would-be players. In this article, we will look to answer some of the most common and important questions related to the game.

Earlier this year, in April, Electronic Arts announced that Battlefield Mobile was in the works. It will include many of the features found in the original PC version but optimised specifically for mobile devices.

Battlefield is a large scale FPS where you play in a squad in order to win a battle with an objective. After each successful battle, you will gain ranks, medals, ribbons and pins.

When is Battlefield Mobile going to release?

Battlefield Mobile is scheduled to release at some point in 2022, but the exact date hasn't been announced yet. Currently, the game is in development and the developers have started playtests to gauge the stability.

Where will be the playtests for Battlefield Mobile?

In a recent announcement, EA mentioned the Philippines and Indonesia will be the first two regions to get early access for a limited period of time. We have already written an article describing how you can pre-register for the game

Will Battlefield Mobile have a cross-play feature?

As a hit PC and console game, a lot of players hope the mobile version will include a cross-play feature. But, unfortunately, the developers have clearly mentioned that the game will not support this feature as the game is being created from the ground up for mobile devices. 

Is Battlefield Mobile free-to-play?

Yes, Battlefield Mobile is a free-to-play title that will be releasing for both mobile platforms.

Will it have IAPs?

Like any other shooter, Battlefield Mobile will also have a bunch of in-app purchases. They will include Battle Passes, costumes, weapon skins, unlockable new features and a lot more.

Will the game feature the same content as the original versions?

According to reports, a map from Battlefield III is being featured in the initial playtests. As the game is still under development, the final version will bring new and exciting content. During the playtests, the Grand Bazaar and Conquest mode from the original game is available to play.

Will Battlefield Mobile support controllers?

It is hard to say anything on controllers as we have very limited information regarding the game. As Battlefield Mobile approaches its launch date, we might get some solid details regarding controller support.

Can we download it from third-party websites?

The playtest link will only be available on the Google Play Store and TapTap. Any source that is letting you download the game files is fake. We highly advise you not to download any files from third-party storefronts.

Can we play Battlefield Mobile on PC?

It is too early to confirm whether the game can be played on PC or not. However, the playtest can’t be carried out on a PC as the player who gets an invite binds the device with their email ID. So, you will always run into an error while launching the playtest on a PC.

If the game supports emulators in the future, we will make sure to create a step by step guide on how you can download and install the emulator, allowing you to play Battlefield Mobile on your PC.