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Battlefield Mobile's best class and Loadouts

Battlefield Mobile's best class and Loadouts

Battlefield Mobile is out now in select countries. We have been playing it for a long time now, and if you also want to get your hands on it, feel free to use our Battlefield Mobile download guide.

As we mentioned before, we have been playing it for quite some time now and have decided to share the best Battlefield Mobile class and loadouts with you. After going through this post, you will know which class and guns to pick for the best results.

Which is the best class in Battlefield Mobile?

Like other games in the franchise, Battlefield Mobile also features four distinct classes: Assault, Medic, Support and Recon.

For the primary gun, secondary gun and frags, there are no differences between the classes. Each can use all the weapons types. But when it comes to primary gadgets, each class has one that only they can use.

  • Medic's primary gadget is a health crate. Using this gadget, you can place a stationary health crate that heals allies within range over time. Healing effects can be interrupted by combat damage.
  • Support's primary gadget is an ammo crate. Using this gadget, you can place a stationary munitions crate that automatically resupplies nearby allies' ammo and gadgets.
  • Recon's primary gadget is a spotting drone. Using this gadget, you can deploy a UAV drone which patrols the nearby area for a short duration, spotting enemies and hostile vehicles.
  • Assault's primary gadget is the SMAW. It's a high-speed, low-drag anti-vehicle launcher. Most effective against the sides and rear of armoured targets.
Health Crate - Medic loadout in Battlefield Mobile

Unfortunately, Battlefield Mobile’s beta does not have any details about the class specialization and perks. So it's tough to come to a straight answer.

Also, each class has a different gameplay style. For example, as a Medic and Support, you have to play passively, while as Recon and Assault, you have to be aggressive. So, the best class for you might be different from the best class for someone else, depending on the playstyle.

But if you still want a straight answer, then based on our gameplay experience, Medic is simply put, the most powerful class in Battlefield Mobile right now. However, it might change as the game gets updated in the future and specializations unlock.

Best Loadouts in Battlefield Mobile

Again for loadouts, it's subjective. Some XYZ loadouts might be good for you but not for others and vice-versa. Loadouts are more about what guns you feel comfortable with and fetch the best possible results. But don't worry if you are looking for straight answers, we do have some of the best Battlefield Mobile loadouts for you.

But before jumping into that, let's learn more about loadouts. You can have up to three different weapon loadouts. You should create one loadout for short, medium and long-range. This way, you will always be ready for all the maps and modes.

There are currently eight primary guns, three secondary guns, and two secondary gadgets. Based on these, here are some of the best possible loadouts in Battlefield Mobile.

Loadout #1

  • Class: Assault
  • Primary Gun: PP-2000
  • Secondary Gun: M1911
  • Primary Gadget: SMAW
  • Secondary Gadget: Frag Grenade

This loadout is a perfect pick for anyone who likes to play aggressively. With this loadout, you can be on the move quickly, flank enemies and even take down enemy tanks using the SMAW if they come in your way. You can also consider using the P90 or G36C as your primary gun if you are more comfortable with them.

This loadout is especially good for team deathmatch. You are expected to take down at least one or two enemies before you die. However, since this loadout pushes you to play aggressively, you can expect to die quite often.

Battlefield Mobile class showcase - gameplay

Loadout #2

  • Class: Medic
  • Primary Gun: LSAT
  • Secondary Gun: P226
  • Primary Gadget: Health Crate
  • Secondary Gadget: C4

This is probably the best loadout if you like to play support. You can find a sweet spot and then fire bullets at your enemies. This loadout is especially good for conquest mode. You can find a place near a flag and then use your machine gun to support your allies while they capture them.

I strongly suggest running the Medic class with this loadout as you can place the health crate near you, and it will automatically keep healing you. You can also set the health crate near the flags to help your team capture them more easily.

If you keep running out of bullets with this loadout, you can also consider going with the Support class.

Loadout #3

  • Class: Recon
  • Primary Gun: 338 Recon
  • Secondary Gun: P226
  • Primary Gadget: Spotting Drone
  • Secondary Gadget: C4

If you like to play as a sniper, this loadout is for you. The 338 Recon, with the damage of 100 points, is the most powerful gun in Battlefield Mobile. It can easily one-shot any enemy if you hit them anywhere on the upper body. Running the Recon class with this loadout also helps you as you can spot nearby enemies using the spotting drone. You can also place C4 to trap any enemy that tries to flank you.

With this, we come to the end of our Battlefield Mobile's best class & Loadouts post. We suggest you to take a quick glance at Battlefield Mobile's best guns in each category.

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