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Battlefield Mobile - Best 2, 3 and 4 finger control layout

Battlefield Mobile - Best 2, 3 and 4 finger control layout

If you are having a hard time winning in Battlefield Mobile, try changing your control layout. The default layout is not at all good since it restricts your movements. If you are using the default layout or even a customized two finger control layout, we highly recommend shifting to either a three finger or four finger layout.

Customizing controls is tiring, but don't worry. We are here to help. In this post, we will share Battlefield Mobile's best 2,3 and 4 finger control layouts with you. You can simply copy them and make slight changes depending on your preferences.

Battlefield Mobile best 2 finger control layout

There aren't many options with a two finger control layout. You will be using one thumb to control movement and the other to fire, aim and everything else. If you want to play with two fingers, make sure you turn on auto-ADS for all your guns. This way, you don't have to worry about scoping in as this will be automatically handled as soon as you press the fire button. This is why you will notice that we have put the scope-in button on the extreme right as you won’t need to use it.

If you aren't using the auto-ADS feature, make sure to bring the scope-in button to a place where it's easily reachable. Also, if you are playing as a Sniper, adjust the left button to suit your comfort.

Though the game doesn't have gyroscope support at the moment, but, whenever it does, you should always turn it on and learn to play with a gyroscope, especially if you’re a two finger player.

Battlefield Mobile best 3 finger control layout

I myself play with a 3 finger control layout. It's easy to learn, comfortable and gives you a massive edge over other players. Using this layout, you get a dedicated finger for the firing button, which leaves your right thumb free to aim, jump, and crouch while shooting. If you want to take a step towards becoming really good at Battlefield Mobile or any mobile shooter, shifting to a three finger control layout is a must. Also, once again, when the gyroscope feature arrives, start using it with this control HUD. It will help you a lot with recoil control.

Battlefield Mobile best 4 finger control layout

Nowadays, three finger control layout has become pretty common. So if you want to take your game to the next level, you can consider shifting to a four finger control layout. The three finger control layout provides you with a dedicated finger for firing, while the four finger control layout not only does that but also makes your right thumb entirely dedicated to aim control. This means you will now miss less of your shots while dancing around your enemies.

The four finger control layout allows you to move, shoot, aim, jump, crouch and use gadgets, all at the same time. I personally don't recommend using gyroscope with a four finger control layout as when you are using this many fingers over the screen, the phone is not stable, and it moves around a lot, and with the gyroscope turned on, you will have a hard time aiming properly.