If you just started playing Proxima Beta's RPG, you'll likely have a bundle of questions. Our Alchemy Stars tips will help you answer most, if not all of them!

Alchemy Stars might not exactly be like every other mobile gacha game out there, (at least when it comes to its battle play style), but it is a gacha game nonetheless. And, as in pretty much every gacha game, there are units that have different rarities, elements and roles. Our Alchemy Stars tips will help you pick the right ones and find a proper path through the adventure.

In order to fully understand how Alchemy Stars work, you first need to get the idea behind each element and how they work. Also, you should learn how to build your team, what kind of roles the units in your party should have, what units you should upgrade and whatnot. But more about that later, let’s take a look at the different Aurorian roles first.


Alchemy Stars tips - fire raphael

Aurorian roles

  • Detonator: Melee area of effect (AoE) damage Aurorians
  • Sniper: Single target damage Aurorians
  • Converter: Aurorians that can change the colour of the tile(s)
  • Support: Support Aurorians can provide buffs and heals for your team or some kind of debuff to the enemy.

Teams and attributes

As many players around the internet suggest, a monochrome team (a team consisting of a single element) is the way to go. At least in the early game. Let’s take a look at each element's pros and cons, or just skip that part and go right into our Alchemy Stars best teams article and check each one if you are interested in the exact team compositions.


The water team is the ‘F2P’ friendly team. This is because you’ll be given 3 pretty decent Water attribute Aurorians for free. It’s a very balanced team with good support units, converters and decent damage. Another pro is the fact that most story bosses are fire attribute and water deals bonus damage to fire.


On the other hand, forest mono teams are not exactly beginner-friendly. The main strength of this element is that it offers many units that can move around the map, an advanced player who’s good at planning ahead can take advantage of that, but it requires some decent game knowledge and understanding. They also lack a good DPS unit.


Thunder attribute mono teams offer a little bit of everything. While this kind of team doesn’t excel at anything in particular, at the same time it doesn’t lack anything either. Pretty balanced, in short.


A Fire team offers the most damage in the game and is also the most expensive to build properly. If you are a new player and you planning on staying F2P, keep in mind that this kind of team will take a lot of investment. While this team has a lot of AoE damage, a downside is the lack of a good support heal unit(s).

Basic team composition and roles

When you put a team together, there are a few rules that most people suggest you follow. The first is to include two or three converter units, support, and two damage dealers. Of course, every team is different, there are Aurorians that work extremely well together and others that simply don’t. But it’s something to keep in mind. To help you pick the best characters, we made an Alchemy Stars tier list that you can consult!


Water Carleen

Aurorian skills

Every Aurorian has three different skill types. Those skills are Active, Chain and Equipment.

Chain skills activate once you connect the required number of tiles. To unlock Equipment skills, you first need to ascend your character(s). We won’t get into details as to how you can do that, but to put it simply, you just need to gather the required materials in order to advance your unit to the next ascension stage.

There are two categories of ‘main’ skills. Preemptive ones and Active ones. Preemptive skills can be used very early in the battle and in some cases even before the round begins.

Active skills can only be activated once the required number of turns condition is met. Once you activate them, they go onto cooldown until the condition is met again, then you can activate them. Obviously, each skill has a different cooldown and in some cases, you can reduce it by ‘Breakthrough’.

Gacha Rates

If you've played any gacha game in the past, you know how it goes. The rarer the unit, the less chance you have of getting it. In Alchemy Stars though, the rates are not terrible (compared to other games of the genre at least).

  • 6-Star Aurorian = 2%
  • 5-Star Aurorian = 9.5%
  • 4-Star Aurorian = 33%
  • 3-Star Aurorian = 55.5%

General Alchemy Stars Tips

If you are a F2P player, the Water attribute monochrome team as mentioned above is the way to go. You can level up a few different attribute DPS units to use as your team’s captain, depending on the content you are facing. For example, on our Water team, we have staple units such as Ms.Blanc, Vice, Sharona, Kleken.

Our Captain doesn’t have to be a Water element though. Instead, we can go for the best DPS Aurorian that we have. For our example, we are going to use Mia as the team’s captain, who is a Thunder attribute Aurorian.

Your first priority should be to max out your Colossus as it will generate a lot of resources for you. When you grind Resources, focus on Colossus material. Equipment materials are not that important in the early game.

How to access Beginner’s Guide

From the main screen, tap on the cog-like icon to open the Settings menu. On the top right on the ‘Settings’ screen, tap on ‘Help Centre'. The ‘Beginner’s Guide’ can answer a lot of questions that you might have about in-game stuff.

Alchemy Stars Battle tips

  • If you tap and hold the base of an enemy unit then you can see its next attack or move
  • You can switch Captains up to three times per battle, make sure you take full advantage of it
  • You can cancel your chain by dragging it to the upper right corner

These are all of the Alchemy Stars tips and tricks that we have for you at this moment. We are sure that most of them will help you improve your gameplay significantly! Oh, and we left a special treat for you here at the end, we've made an article that outlines all you need to know about Secret Territory!

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