Searching for information about Secret Territory in Alchemy Stars? Well, if you're searching for this topic, you most likely have questions like what is it, how to play or unlock it and a lot of other queries related to it. Here, in this article, we will be answering those questions and helping you get started.

Alchemy Star is a hit strategy RPG that will let you experience the elements and features of a typical adventure and magical world. The game was released this June for both mobile iOS and Android and began creating hype among the players since the news came out regarding its release. That's the reason we have already made an Alchemy Stars tier list of the best available characters!

This article covers all the basic information related to the Secret Territory of Alchemy Stars and other frequently asked questions about the topic.

What is Secret Territory in Alchemy Stars?

Secret Territory is an in-game action-filled mode that’s available for the players every week. This mode can be played by entering the story progression section. To make things more interesting, the game has disabled the usage of original in-game items in this mode and introduced a new currency, making it a different prospect compared to the main game mode.

What are the major differences between Secret Territory and the main story mode?

Like we mentioned above, the game has included various new elements in this mode to make it more fun and exciting. They include energy, currency and items. So, make sure you don’t get confused between both modes.

How to enter or unlock Secret Territory in Alchemy Stars?

The easiest step to unlocking Secret Territory is by tapping on the story progression tab and moving to the option where it says Secret Territory. Players who haven’t unlocked this section yet will have to beat the normal levels and complete 7 stories before being able to access it, however.

How many nodes are available in Secret Territory?

To date, there are 7 nodes available to choose from. But make sure to complete them as soon as possible as it is a weekly mode, so your progress will likely get reset. Here is the list of nodes that are available to play:

  • Lumina Spring - This node lets you recover your MS
  • General Area - Least radiated area
  • Dangerous Area - Tough enemies and surprise attacks
  • Relic House - A heaven for supplies and rare items
  • Special Area - Requires a solid strategy to counter enemies
  • Lethal Area - Extremely dangerous area filled with mutated enemies
  • Scrounger - Fast running enemies are usually spotted

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