You are probably a huge fan of the franchise, much like us! The blue button below will lead you to the list of best Pokemon games for mobile on both Android and iOS devices!

It used to be that the only thing you could find on mobile app stores in relation to Pokemon were apps that had walkthroughs or a Pokedex app with information about all the pocket monsters in great detail. Thankfully, those days are past us, and Nintendo and Game Freak brought the catching and caring for these lovable creatures into our hands, literally.

Sure, we’ve been chucking Pokeballs on portable devices for decades now, but with the advancement of portable technology and the widespread adoption of capable smartphones, our interaction with Pokemon, and each other as fans, has never been so widespread.

There are new, innovative games, titles that show off impressive Augmented Reality tech, and everything in-between. Nintendo has always been very protective of only releasing its games on its hardware, especially first-party titles, but we are lucky that we live in an age where that is no longer the case. It used to be that the best you could play on a mobile device would be loading up a ROM of your favourite title on an emulator. Now, we have an entire library of excellent Pokemon games for mobile to load up any time we need our fix.

The following list of Pokemon apps is what we think are the top 10 best that you can install on your iPhone or Android device today.