In Highschool, I remember joining the basketball team. It was a lot of work, mainly running, after school every day. There was so much running. As someone who’s not really athletic, I didn’t last long, but my uncle did teach me how to do a layup, which I still can do to this day. If you are looking for real life basketball tips, this isn’t the article for you, instead we are going to be looking into some basketball games that I might actually be able to win at!

Digital games are what I am talking about. Specifically, basketball themed games that you can download and play on your android device, without ever having to run around or learn how to do a layup yourself. These games come in a variety of different graphic styles from realistic to cartoon to pixelated. Some games are similar to the actual way that you play basketball and others much more arcade-based, that take inspiration from the game but adding in their own twists and turns to create a more unique experience that you can enjoy.

Whether you are interested in realistic games, to play while the weather is too cold to actually go out to a court, or something that takes inspiration from basketball but creates its own game, with nods to something familiar, I am sure there will be a game for you on this list.

Without further adieu, let’s get on with the list itself.