Looking for the best tycoon games for Android? Look no further, because we've brought the best 15 of them together into this list for you. Read on to find out the best places to build your fortune on Android.

Tycoon games are a pretty tricky category - they are a subsection of the simulator category, which is quite massive in game development. Tycoon games allow you to run businesses, take on new roles, and gain success much quicker than you could possibly do in real life. It feels good to succeed at jobs and become a billionaire, and it’s all achievable in many of these games.

We've got everything here from building up a beer empire through to building an actual space empire. You'll also manage zoos, car factories and... eSport stars? So do make sure to click on through to find out what we believe are the best 15 tycoon games for Android. And, of course, if you think we've missed something then leave us a comment, because we do occasionally revisit our various lists to make sure that we've kept them completely up to date.