Mahjong Soul teams up with Blue Archive for exclusive collab

Smack down tiles in the hit Mahjong game

Mahjong Soul teams up with Blue Archive for exclusive collab
  • Mahjong Souls is set to team up with hit gacha game Blue Archive
  • Unlock exclusive collab characters, cosmetics and other rewards
  • A new variation on the game called Soul Punch will also be added

Mahjong Souls is set to collaborate with hit gacha title Blue Archive, bringing four exclusive collaboration characters, unique outfits, and limited-time decorations as well as themed content to the game. The School Fes Frenzy event will run from April 16th to May 7th, offering these limited-time exclusives as well as further rewards.

Perhaps one of the major additions to the game is Soul Punch, a new game mode that mixes up the traditional rules of mahjong. Upon declaring Riichi (which indicates you have a winning hand), you'll need to discard six tiles consecutive until you can draw a winning tile or...until another player makes their call on a discarded tile.

Yes, mahjong is complex, but we all already know that. Still, for those who are fans of classic Japanese mahjong, mixing up the rules is definitely an interesting proposition.

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Collaborations between games aren't unusual, but we're interested to see Mahjong Soul tinker with the relatively timeless rules of mahjong for that purpose. Blue Archive fans meanwhile will likely be eager to jump into a whole new story featuring their favourite characters. Shiroko, Hoshino, Aru and Mutsuki, all key fan-favourites from Blue Archive, will all be available to recruit during the Mahjong Soul x Blue Archive crossover event, running from...well, now, to May 7th.

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