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Game Dev Story+ arrives as an Apple Arcade exclusive

Game Dev Story+ arrives as an Apple Arcade exclusive
| Game Dev Story+

Kairosoft has released Game Dev Story+, an updated version of the original Game Dev Story, for iOS devices as an Apple Arcade exclusive.

Game Dev Story+ is a simulation game all about managing your own game company to try creating a bestselling game that tops all the charts and metascores. It features the ability to build your company’s own game console and has you managing all your staff members to achieve peak performance.

You hire these talented people as newbies and help train them to develop their skills. As they get more experience, you unlock more options on how to further develop your game including discovering new genres and adding more content to it.

Of course, this means it’s important to find popular combinations of genres and content depending on what is trending at the moment, and it’s also important to be an early adopter of specific features that will put you ahead in the market.

Check out a trailer for Game Dev Story below. Game Dev Story+ expands the game with new content and quality-of-life features to make the experience much more smoother.

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Game Dev Story+ is currently an exclusive for Apple Arcade, the premium iOS subscription service that gives you premium access to a multitude of different games. It is unknown if this title will come to Android or any other platform in the future, but we will be sure to update you if anything becomes official.

Grab Game Dev Story+ now from the iOS App Store via Apple Arcade.

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