Updated on September 12, 2021 - updated the games and added download links

Looking for the best city builder games for Android? Look no further, because we've brought the top 15 of them together into this list for you. Read on to find the best games for building the base of your dreams.

Building games have been a constant in mobile games ever since the social evolution - the great moment where a lot of previously Facebook exclusive games made their way over to the small screens. At the time we couldn't really spot it, mind, because for every city or base-building game there were a dozen other games coming over, many of which were based around you waiting patiently between assigning tasks and them completing.

Now that the fog has cleared, of course, it's easy to see how games like Farmville trailblazer for the modern base-building game, with its timed activities and unlock-based progression systems, it really leads the way for the modern 'building' game. There has always been a degree of patience required for building games - like strategy games, hence there being a few of those in this list - but putting numbers and timers on things really streamlined the process of things. 

What city builder games for Android did we cover?

There are many, many ways to build a city up - and many different games that take that concept and bring their own twist to it. If you’re looking to build up a village so that you can withstand attacks or create a great place for other people to live, there are city builders just for that!

Some have a more serious aspect to them as you can build up your military, while others might just be about the visual appeal your town has. No matter what, you’re in charge and need to get building. 

Do make sure to click on through to find out what we believe are the 15 best city builder games for Android. Of course, if you think we've missed something then leave us a comment because we do occasionally revisit our various lists to make sure that we've kept them completely up to date.

Original list by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.