October 6th, 2021: Updated the best retro games for iOS list - new games added.

Whether a game is inspired by an older game, a remake of an older game allowing it to be playable on newer devices or a straight port of a classic onto new technology, retro games have a strong community behind them. They also retain the fun and character that they had around when they previously launched, and serve as a great reminder of how technology was previously.

When it comes to the number of retro games out there, so many classics have been revamped for iOS and so many new games have come out of the ashes of older games, inspiring generation after generation of games for us to play now.

We’ve compiled some of the best retro games and retro-inspired game on iPad and iPhone to bring some nostalgia to your mobile gaming life.

Original Article by Jupiter Hadley, latest update by Pocket Gamer Staff