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Super Monsters Ate My Condo review - "A housing crisis game show"

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Super Monsters Ate My Condo review - "A housing crisis game show"
  • A fast and fun puzzle challenge
  • Entertaining and enjoyable visuals and animations
  • A fair amount of condensed difficulty

We've seen monsters do a lot of destructive things: Destroy cities, destroy planets, destroy each other, destroy once-popular film franchises, and destroy giant robots to name a few things. However, we've never really seen monsters so keen on destroying a very particular piece of real estate and PikPok was not happy about that. So, their team got together to put together the monster mash that is Super Monsters Ate My Condo. This is a 2D fast-paced mobile puzzler in the guise of a flashy game show and you're the contestant. It's a chance to find out if you have what it takes to keep these monsters happy.

What is Super Monsters Ate My Condo?

The only game show to destroy entire cities

Whenever monster attacks become an occurrence, most folks would be set on leaving, but not when there's money to be made. Super Monsters Ate My Condo shows what can be done when you take advantage of an objectively chaotic situation. Four types of colourful, charismatic, and ill-tempered monsters have taken a break from their rampage to come onstage and be fed a surplus of condos. However, they'll only be happy eating the condos they like and if they're happy, then you'll be happy because you'll get a high score and stay alive. You either go all in and come out a winner or go all-in, to the monster's stomach.

Affordable fun in Super Monsters Ate My Condo

Huge crab carrying a ship as a hat

When monsters are eating your city, some will try and put a positive spin on it, which can be an overwhelming challenge. Yet, Super Monsters Ate My Condo manages to pull it off and then some. The whole presentation is incredibly energetic, vibrant, and weird which is perfect when you're trying to get people excited for a puzzle game. The whole game show aesthetic acts as an effective facade for the matching happening right in front of you. Still, even when you do figure it out, you're sucked into the challenge.

And quite the challenge it is the closer you look. At first, it seems like a fairly simplified match-3, but that impression disappears quickly once you start to play. The main mechanics involve two monsters, one on each side of a stack of condos. As the contestant, you need to feed them the condos, but they need to be a matching colour.

This, combined with the monster-swapping mechanic, only happens if you make a match as to the zany chaos. On top of being timed like the game shows of old and risking angering hungry monsters, you've got a lot on your plate that you don't want them to eat. All this is on top of the fact that you need to keep the tower of condos from toppling over like a cheap imitation Tower of Pisa.

The animation is a nice treat having a feeling similar to an off-the-wall comic strip or webcomic that can't easily be found anymore. It shows appreciation for certain stylistic choices with the monsters having personalities as a result.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo has structural issues

Rewards for completing a level

The main issue with monsters is the fact that they're monsters and therefore they're likely gonna cause collateral damage or mass panic at the very least. Super Monsters Ate My Condo can't prevent some of the panic people will feel while playing. The biggest is the seemingly limited aspects of the game. It's a puzzler that can essentially be beaten by doing the bare minimum and just running out the clock. This means you won't get a high score, but you can still get through the levels by feeding the monsters little and still end up with good rewards.

Unless you're a puzzle master, you will almost always end up in a situation in which you have to make a monster angry. There's no consistent way to know what colour condos are going to come next and if you don't have the right monster when that happens, you'll be in a tight spot. Feeding the monsters combined condos can help, but if you're doing that all the time instead of saving them for a rainy day, they quickly lose their value and impact on you whenever you make them.

Moving into Super Monsters Ate My Condo

Puppy controlling a huge robot attacking a building

Super Monsters Ate My Condo is a weird little arcade puzzler about feeding condos to monsters on a game show. It's fast, colourful, amusing, and a quick game to play and enjoy when you've got a few moments. The difficulty can become severely imbalanced due to the RNG of the condos spawning in and a lack of input can still lead to a rewarding finish which takes away from the whole experience. Overall, if you're having trouble deciding on whether you'd like a condo, have a monster taste its quality.

Super Monsters Ate My Condo review - "A housing crisis game show"

Satisfy charismatic monsters by feeding them vibrant condos while keeping them balanced and the monsters happy while hoping that luck stays on your side.
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