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Which Chrono Trigger version is the best?

Which Chrono Trigger version is the best?

If you are a fan of the JRPG genre, you have likely heard of Chrono Trigger from the developers of such franchises as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Chrono Trigger is often viewed as the best parts of the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series.

The game has been highly rated all over the world. There are many reasons to like this game. For instance, you will find memorable characters that have their own storyline and development system, a wonderful world, and fascinating storytelling. And no, maybe most importantly, the music is great.

If you have never played Chrono Trigger, but you want to experience the world of Chrono Trigger, you have to try it. Still, which Chrono Trigger version is worth playing? Should it be on the Super NES, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, mobile, or maybe a Steam version? We will try to help you find which Chrono Trigger version is most suitable for you. 


The game has 5 ports on different platforms, but only one of them can be called the definitive version. Let's take a closer look at each version.

Super NES (1995)

The game was released on the console back on 11th March 1995, but even then it managed to get a lot of attention. Despite the capabilities of the SNES console, it managed to convey everything the developers wanted to share: the story and the atmosphere. Here you can find magnificent artwork by Akira Toriyama and Iconic music by composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

Is the Super NES (1995) version of Chrono Trigger worth playing? The answer is yes.

PlayStation (1999)

The 1999 version of Chrono Trigger was released along with the Final Fantasy IV bundle. The distinctive feature of this version is the cutscenes that have been added as well as some minor adjustments. Moreover, an "Extras'' button was added. Using it, players can rewatch cutscenes and listen to the game's soundtrack.

However, a significant drawback that might prevent you from enjoying this port is the long, endless load screens. Before starting every battle, or when your character tries to enter a building, you will stare at a black TV screen for 10 seconds while the game loads on the console.

Is the PlayStation (1999) version of Chrono Trigger worth playing? The answer is maybe if you're a patient person.

Nintendo DS (2008)

This Nintendo DS (2008) version of Chrono Trigger is regarded by fans of the series as one of the best ports. The reason for this is that the developers tried their best to create an extended version of the game. They took the best things that were in the SNES and PlayStation ports and added them to this version, mixing it all with additional content. Even after the game ends, you will have plenty of things to do, as in this version you will find additional end-game content. A list of what the game has to offer can be found below:

  • Arena of the Ages. Arena of the Ages is the Coliseum, which exists outside of time. In the Arena of the Ages, time travellers can spawn monsters for battle. The winners of these battles receive prizes. There are six different levels of difficulty, but only three are open in the early stages.
  • Dimensional Vortex. This dungeon is available after completing the game. The dungeon has three forms and they depend on the period you enter them. The dungeon itself is a bit challenging. At the end of the dungeon, there is a secret boss. After the battle with the boss, you will be rewarded with a new ending.
  • The Lost Sanctum. Access to this content is in mid-game. The content consists of two dungeons and a Reptites village. By completing the Reptites quests, you will have to complete the two dungeons and receive a reward. It can get boring quickly because of its monotony, but it is worth it because you will get a lot of useful resources.

Is the Nintendo DS (2008) version of Chrono Trigger worth playing? The answer is yes.

Mobile (2011)

The DS content is present in this version on Android and iOS except for Arena of the Ages mode. It also offers 20 save slots and achievements. The only notable change is that game speed is significantly faster than in both the Super NES and Nintendo DS versions. An auto-battle option was added that repeats the basic attack of your characters. Also, it is worth mentioning that you can move diagonally in the overworld. The reason you may not like this version of the game is the frequent freezes. Also, it's missing some cutscenes, meaning you don't get the full experience.

Is the Mobile (2011) version of Chrono Trigger worth playing? The answer is maybe.

Steam (2018)

When it first released, the Steam (2018) version was a disaster for fans. It was almost impossible to play because of different glitches. It is worth noting that after the accident the developers removed these bugs and glitches, but fans were still disappointed.

As for the content, it's the same as the DS and mobile offering. With the exception that this version does not have the Arena of the Ages.

That being said, if you have no other option than Windows, then this is the best option for you.

Is the Steam (2018) version of Chrono Trigger worth playing? The answer is yes.


If you take a look at all the versions of Chrono Trigger, you will see that they are each good in their own way, but it is worth mentioning these versions: the Super NES (1995) and the Nintendo DS (2008). Fans of the Chrono Trigger universe regard these versions as the best.