Updated February 8, 2021: New entries added

If you find most games to be unchallenging, low-stakes, repetitive affairs that give up their secrets all too easily, then it might be time to tackle a few roguelikes. Or roguelikes.

So what are roguelikes and roguelites? And what's the difference?

Both terms draw from the classic early '80s game of Rogue. This forward-thinking masterpiece introduced concepts such as randomly generated levels and permadeath (one death and your run is over), allied to turn-based top-down dungeon-crawling mechanics.

Games that closely ape all of these elements have become known as roguelikes. Games that borrow those two core elements, but splice them together with more modern and mainstream mechanics, and disparate genres (action games, platformers etc.) have become known as roguelites.

This leaves an awful lot of scope, doesn't it? And sure enough, the Nintendo eShop is brimming full of roguelikes and roguelites. The best examples are replayable and exacting in a way that no other kind of game can be.

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