If you've been paying any attention to gaming trends over the past decade or so, the rise of the roguelike can't have escaped your attention. Nintendo's Switch console in particular now plays host to a whole bunch of roguelikes and (to include the associated term) roguelites.

But what exactly do we mean by roguelikes and roguelites? Both terms spring from the classic early '80s home computer game Rogue.

Today we might label Rogue a turn-based dungeon crawler, but that isn't particularly important. Rogue's defining features were its procedurally generated levels and its permadeath system. Together, these meant that each run was both unique and consequential.

A lot of games have copied Rogue's systems quite closely over the years, resulting in the roguelike term. Others have absorbed those core Rogue attributes, but have applied them to completely different and generally more mainstream genres and mechanics. This has led to the coining of the term 'roguelite'.

Whether you're talking roguelikes or roguelites, both share the common attributes of random level generation and punishing permadeath states. When done properly, these games are among the most challenging and replayable around.

Thankfully, the Switch is bursting with great roguelikes and roguelites. Here are 25 of our favourites.