Updated June 26, 2021: New entries added

We're arguably at peak roguelike right now, with a fresh procedurally generated treat seemingly hitting the eShop every other day.

But roguelikes and roguelites are inherently more resistant to the strains of repetition than most genres. Indeed, making repetition interesting is kind of in their DNA.

The terms roguelike and roguelite are named for the seminal 1980 game, Rogue. This game combined procedurally generated dungeons with a punishing permadeath system, which together made every attempt feel like a fresh and meaningful adventure.

Modern games that stick closely to the that original Rogue template - including the turn-based movement and combat - are known as roguelikes. But increasingly over the years we've seen more roguelites, which are games that take the randomly generated levels and permadeath and apply them to new genres.

The Switch eShop is bursting at the seams with both. Indeed, Nintendo's wondrous hybrid feels like the spiritual home of the roguelike/roguelite, with its inherent portability and indie-friendly nature.

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