Updated April 21, 2020: New entries added

There's only one sport that gets its own distinct top 25 list at PG towers: football. Or soccer, depending on where you're from.

That's not out of some inbuilt preference on our part though. True, our origins do lie in England, which is the home of the beautiful game.

But the only reason we've written this lengthy list of the best football games on Android is because football is popular. Really popular. Like, the biggest sport in the world.

The sheer number of mobile footy games out there reflects that fact. A lot of people like football, therefore there are a lot of football games. Simple.

Not all of them are great, of course, which is where we come in. The following football games all offer the intrepid Android gamer something to get stuck into. That might be a pure arcade kick around, a loosely football-themed puzzler, or a narrative adventure with only tenuous link to the sport.

Whatever, there's something for football followers of all persuasions in this list.