Updated February 11, 2021: New entries added

Of all the sports that exist, only one gets its own top 25 list here at Pocket Gamer. Football. The beautiful game.

Whether you like football or not, there's no denying that it's a very big deal indeed. The biggest deal, in fact, if you're talking about ball games.

It's not surprising, then, that there are rather a lot of footy games out there on the Google Play Store. And what range!

You'd think that football's simple ruleset would lead to a rather generic set of me too games. But far from it.

The following list of 25 games contains arcade kick-abouts, management sims, and multiple shades of fun in between. We'd even suggest that non-football fans could find something to like here.

Think we've missed something massive? Let us know what your favourite Android soccer game is in the comments section below.

Pocket Gamer's Top 25 best football games for Android is brought to you by Soccer Royale.

Test your prowess on the soccer field against players all over the world in Viva Games’ Soccer Royale! Available for free on iOS and Android, Soccer Royale tasks you with building a team from a deck of 39 character cards before taking on opponents in subbuteo-style, turn-based matches.

All that's required is to put two goals past the opposing team to win the match and climb the leagues where a multitude of trophies and rewards await for the most skilled and competitive players.

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Cards will range from common picks to legendary finds, and each card has its own unique abilities that can either turn the tide in your favour or push the odds against you. While mechanics seem simple enough, the variety of rare and epic cards along with dozens of divisions to play in will always ensure a different turnout with each playthrough - so whether you’re a casual kiddo or a competitive football pro, there’s definitely something to get you hooked!