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Zgirls activation codes

Here is a list of all working Zgirls activation codes

Zgirls activation codes
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Updated: Since no new code has been released in the last few months, we've decided to retire this article.

If you are looking to get your hands on some free Zgirls activation codes, your search ends here. In this post, we will share a list of all working Zgirls activation codes that you can use to redeem free in-game items.

List of Zgirls activation codes

Here is a list of all working Zgirls activation codes:

  • Z5Discord
  • Valentine 
  • Welcome2023 
  • Happy Halloween 
  • Avrem 
  • Salia 
  • Sam Belami 
  • LoveKuyou
  • Good Luck
  • Happy Birthday Saki 
  • Happy Monday 
  • Soulmate 
  • lunar new year 
  • Saki
  • Alleria
  • HappySaturday

Although we check each code before updating, it is important to remember that Zgirls activation codes are time-limited and will expire after some time, so make sure to bookmark this page and regularly visit to find new working codes and redeem them as soon as possible.

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Also, make sure to enter the activation code as they are written above, including any special characters and capital letters to avoid any errors.

How to redeem Zgirls activation codes?

Redeeming activation codes in Zgirls is quite a straightforward process. However, if you are new to the game or using activation codes for the first time, then follow the steps below to learn how to redeem Zgirls activation codes.

  • Open the App
  • Click on the Avatar icon located at the top left corner
  • Go to settings and click on the activation code option
  • Enter any of the above-provided codes and click on Ok

That is it. Now the rewards of the activation code shall pop up on your screen. However, to claim the reward you will have to go to your in-game mailbox and collect it from there.

About the game

Zgirls is a mix of traditional strategy and management games that also has elements of a dating simulator. The story of Zgirls is interesting. It follows a zombie apocalypse as humanity is on the brink of extinction, and now you aim to develop a base strong enough to fight against the zombie hordes. And at the same time, you also go on dates. Zgirls is a strange mix of genres, but it's fun to play. It is available to download on both Android and iOS.

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